Sunday, 23 July 2017

Nothing in particular of interest

Oh, hello Blog. Long time no type-y. To be honest I kind of forgot I had one for a while there...Life has been keeping me on my toes. Sometimes I wonder "why on Earth would anyone want to read about me and my goings-on" but I suppose I hope that some part of it may be relateable to someone out there in the Universe... is it? Whoever you are?
So you may have noticed that I didn't finish my Five Days of Guidance thing which is completely typical of me, isn't it? We all know Im awful at finishing the things I start, let's just accept that and move on. Over the past few months I've done a whole lot of painting, a whole lot of parenting, and a whole lot of soul searching. I've learnt some new lessons about life and humans, and learnt a few things about myself. I'm really only here writing at the moment because I feel like I should put SOMETHING here, even if it isn't much. Maybe that will prompt me to do it again sometime with more interesting content but who knows with me. I have a rather delicious chocolate mud face mask on at the moment, a little pampering before the week begins again tomorrow. Oh Monday how I loathe thee.

Anyway that's me checking in with nothing in particular to say,

Til next time!
Tash x

Saturday, 29 April 2017

5 Days of Guidance - Day 4

Hello lovelies,
I didn't do any readings or even open my angel book yesterday as I was just emotionally and mentally drained so I put it off until today. I don't think mentally and physically I'm any better than yesterday but 1. no vomit and 2. the kids are away this weekend so at least I can nap when I need to. I decided as an act of self care I needed to make myself some lamb and veggie soup for dinner, so I dragged my butt around to the spunky butcher 'round the corner and got some tender fresh lamb. It's all thrown in the slow cooker and hopefully by tonight I'll have some soul soup.

Just off topic here for a bit but do you ever find yourself panic-buying stuff? This morning after the butcher I thought I'd get a coffee (even though coffee is disagreeing with my gut these days) and I panic bought a custard tart. I didn't even bloody feel like it! Bloody sick foggy brain *cough* because I TOTALLY don't do that sort of thing when perfectly well *cough cough* Kidding, I do.

Today's cards are bought to you by The Secret Language of Animals oracle deck by Chip Richards. This deck has the most beautifully illustrated cards, oh my gosh. It features endangered animals which I feel is a nice little way to work awareness in. I actually used this oracle deck along side my tarot cards when I did my 2017 Year Ahead reading. And speaking of animals last night after I had my Thai feast while watching Apollo 13 (which then all came back up that night anyway) I painted Andrew Geeson's latest tutorial of sunflowers with a buzzy bee. I'm enjoying the process of loose watercolours, Andrew is a brilliant teacher and his videos are usually filled with the best kind of bad jokes.
Your Cards 
The Reveal
1. White pelican with red goldstone. Keywords of this card read ease, optimism, grace, cooperation. Red goldstone is the stone of confidence, motivation, optimism, and can promote vitality. It's a generally uplifting stone. These two elements combined makes for a very positive reading.
2. Timber wolf with Australian ruby in fuschite. This card represents instinct, guidance, belonging, order. Ruby in fuschite is loving and positive, can help us to be aware of ourselves while connecting us to humanity as a whole (as a wolf does as a part of a pack).
3. Orange-bellied parrot with lepidolite. Orange-bellied parrot is a card of radiance, expression, communication, acceleration. Comprised of mica and lithium, lepidolite is a very calm and relaxing stone. It can have a very strong relaxing effect, brings about balance, and can assist with sleep. Unlike the other two cards whose crystal meanings are tied in with the animal, this one presents a polar opposite of fast and slow. Quite literally! Maybe that has some relevance to you today?
The back one is goldstone, purple is lepidolite and the out of focus one is aussie ruby in fuschite 

My little spot of guidance (for myself) is "Notice Sounds" 168. The Thought for Today reads 'I tune into the sounds around me, noticing how each one affects me. I trust the feelings that arise in response to every noise, and I honour my increasing sensitivity as the gift that it is'. 
This is wonderful because as I don't have the children here today, my world is very quiet and undemanding. I have my favourite Moods of Meditation background music on and it bought me instant calm as it began to play. Other noises are irritating the living daylights out of me today though, like my budgies. Sometimes Ollie just gets it in his head that he's going to do the bird equivalent of yelling through a megaphone and while usually I find it endearing, today I just want him to close his little beak. I'm FAIRLY sure my increased sensitivity to sound is due to be tired, irritable, and sick but it's still relevant, for sure! 

How was your reading today? I LOVE that the Timber wolf made an appearance today, he's one of my very favourite animals on this Earth and I find myself connecting to that card whenever it shows in a reading. I'm off to paint now, or have a nap. One or the other... I can feel my eyelids trying to slide down my cheeks. 
Til tomorrow for our last day in this mini series! 

Thursday, 27 April 2017

5 Days of Guidance - Day 3

Ugh, the flu hath struck. I knew it was coming, Master B has been congested and my throat has been sore nearly all week. Before I climbed into bed last night the coughing and boogers kicked in; this morning I feel like poop on a stick.  I don't have anything major to do today thankfully, I just have to call Auspost to chase a Postal Pinball Package (the new acronym I've given their delivery service). For some reason instead of reaching me here in the same state it was shipped from it has ended up in QLD. I'm also doing battle with customer service at Sephora. Oh. My. Fucking. Goddess. Just don't even bother with them. I ordered from their online store before googling reviews (my mistake clearly!) and it turns out they're the worst kind of business to give money to. Many many reviews of customer service lines being unmanned, people placing up to 100 calls a day, weeks and weeks between answered emails, items not shipping, refund chasing when items are out of stock but they haven't been listed as such on the site and allow you to order them... and in those cases you have to wait for the item to be back IN stock, wait for it to be eventually shipped to you, then you have to SEND IT BACK, and only then can you start chasing a refund. Reading reviews then lead me to Youtube where I found yet more online rants (because if you try to complain on their Facebook or tweet to them they block you, or so the internet says).
My own personal experience? Well I ordered four business days ago, received no shipping notification, emailed regarding the lack of shipping notification, handed over my order number as requested, and have had na-da back yet. I was given a time frame of 24-48 hours from placing the order for it to be shipped. Turns out this is one of the major complaints I've read about... unfortunately it's not a matter of the company forgetting to update the shipping information and the item arriving on time anyway, because that's happened before elsewhere, it's a matter of 'we take your money and you get nothing'. I'd probably be less skeptical if there was comparatively less shitty reviews to 5 star experiences, but the absolute majority is the shitty stuff.
Anyway I will live in hope that the $38 I spent (a somewhat tiny amount compared to how much people have been known to throw at Sephora, but a huge amount for me to decide to spend on makeup) will not be lost forever and I actually get what I ordered. Honestly if you want to look up all of this yourself I'd suggest you do, I can't understand how in this day and age a business can be handled SO appallingly.

Anyway, I'll update on that situation if you're interested in finding out what happens next. Let's move on to today's angel guidance and our tarot reading! I've decided to use traditional tarot today. By the way thank you so much for the feedback you guys have been giving me on your readings. I know that the public selection method can't always be specifically accurate for the individual, but I truly hope they've helped in some way.

I've opened up today to "Know That You're Powerful" - 279
'Your source of strength is within the Universe (it says God but you know how I feel about that). You are eternally connected to this force; the only reason you sometimes feel powerless is because you become unaware of this source' In regards to this I don't completely believe that I am strong because of some external factor. I'm strong because I've grown to be that way; some of the strength I find comes from the Universe but it's not SOLELY from that as a source. The reason I'm doing this 5 Days of Guidance is to reconnect myself to my higher power, my higher self, and reconnect with my intuition which has been very quiet lately. It goes on to say 'today, remind yourself frequently that you're fully supported by the Universe. This means that you can attract and manifest the good thoughts.' Now that I feel is more relevant. It's much like the Strength card that was part of yesterday's reading, the measure of authentic strength and power is how we choose to use it. I think it's trying to say that your constant thoughts become your reality in some way, even if it only affects your attitude to a situation. We all know that the right attitude toward a person, situation, life in general makes a difference in how we handle it all.

Your Cards Today 
The Reveal
This beautiful deck is 'Shadowscapes' by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore. 
1.Six of Wands with clear quartz. Clear quartz is the amplifier of our intuition, our metaphysical selves, a conductor to the universe. It's a universal healer and holds energy very easily. The Six of Wands is, as you may guess by the image, about a win, a victory. Hooray! You've come through some shit, fought, and you've made it out the other side. Buuuut be wary of self-importance. Yes, you have done an amazing job and earned your crown but stay modest about it. If there's some remaining feelings you need to work through after your battle the clear quartz reminds you to work on that and don't forget to give yourself time to heal your wounds so to speak. 

2 Seven of Pentacles with rainbow fluorite. Fluorite is a stone of mental clarity and concentration, reduces that internal noise that can interrupt our thought processes, promotes more balanced thinking and can also help to manifest plans. The Seven of Pentacles always stands out as an easy one for me when it comes up so I'm going to give you the simple interpretation of this one. You reap was you sow. Whatever you put your energies and patience into and nurture over time will reward you. So maybe a little extra focus right now and blacking out those pesky distractions to get on with the task at hand? I think you know what I'm talking about. 

3. Two of Wands with rainbow moonstone. Rainbow moonstone is highly feminine and as such can balance out the excess of masculine energies we might be feeling. It enhances our feelings, desires, and is connected to the powers of the moon. Draw on your courage, your power, your influence now. Don't shy away from what you need to do to achieve your goals. Just mind that ego as you go. The moonstone is interesting here because the wands are fiery energy and enthusiasm which is (in tarot-world) typically a masculine energy. So I'd say this crystal and this card together would indicate that while you need to be fierce you also need to be gentle. 

4. Four of Swords with purple amethyst. Amethyst is meditative, calming, balancing, protective. It's helpful to bring us past grief and trauma as well which in this case I feel is relevant in particular. Four of Swords is about rest, recovery, recuperation. You need to find a place of spiritual and mental calm and clarity. Find a place inside yourself that you can retreat to when you need to, cultivate and nurture that safe space for when you need it. If you're having a hard time finding this restful state I'd suggest getting yourself a piece of tumbled amethyst to carry with you x 

Today's Crystals

Annnnd before you go, checkout my very dodgy and hastily made- but also incredible practical and dandy!- watercolour tube storage box! Made with MacGuyver's favourite duct tape, toilet rolls and a box. I got sick of rummaging through my basket and im a big fan of re using what's in the recycling bin to make useful things for myself. I actually made my makeup storage (half of it, because the collection has expanded) with cardboard boxes, toilet rolls, scrapbook paper, black paint, glue, and some ribbon. I collect stuff for the kids to do crafts with anyway so really the recycling bin is just an inspiration box.
P.s I was just listening to Fat Boy Slim's 'Weapon of Choice' on youtube (my music list is there and public if you want to see the kind of shameful things I listen to) and I can't help but fall in love all over again with Christopher Walken whenever I watch the clip. That man is the shiz.

P.P.S How many damned times can a person sneeze in a day? I swear I've blown my nose that many times today it's so bloody sore. I was kinda looking forward to using my new Springtime in Paris Collection tomorrow and actually posting to my blog about it but not gonna happen when I have the Niagra falls of snot coming out of my face x