Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thankful Thursday ~ Why Crochet is Awesome

This is something I've been meaning to take part in for a while, but having lost my mojo with The Quirky Crafting Shmoogle Bean a few months ago, and being ready to give up blogging altogether I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to contribute. To be frank I am a crappy blogger. I'm not sure if it was my lack of direction, inability to focus or my depressed mental state over the past 3 years of trying to blog that killed my bloggy desires; either way it wasn't working.  But, here I am, new blog and such and writing up a Thankful Thursday post.
In some cases blogging about your mental health can prove to be very therapeutic, good for the soul and help others who might be experiencing similar things feel a little less alone in the world. This was not the case for me. I rambled. I didn't do very well at connected with my readers (if I had any... hell! I don't know if I have any now!), probably because I hadn't connected very well with myself. Being depressed will do that to a person. I didn't realise how truly and utterly disconnected I was until I started to feel better. At least now I feel like I'm living life with a positive inflection instead of the drab mono-toned manner I'd worked myself into the habit of.

Really, my blog was supposed to be of a crafty nature... probably because that's what I've always been good at. Art and crafts, like many others out there, are just my thing. Hey let's blog about it! I thought. Yeah original... how many other bajillion people do that?! *insert sarcasm* Of course having that mentality the whole time contributed hugely to my ill-fated attempts of writing. When one is boring and unexcited, one writes in a boring and unexcited manner. HEY CHECK OUT THIS REALLY COOL TUTORIAL I FOUND ON PINTEREST? ISN'T IT AMAZEBALLS! I MADE ONE... SEE? HOW FREAKIN' AWESOME IS IT! That is exciting. Hi guys, here is a cool thing I found to make. You should make one too. That is not.

As you have have gathered by now, providing you have eyeballs and at least 2 braincells, which I am assuming you do, that this is not The Quirky Crafting Shmoogle Bean. Also you may have possibly noticed that I am trying to make a point.....which I haven't gotten to yet. See? Rambling.


So Thankful Thursday. What am I thankful for? Crochet.



I was never really into it, never knew how, didn't really care, figured it would be too hard etc. I tried learning how and SUCKED. Seriously, seriously sucked. I was no where near the pathological hooker and fibre art fiend I am now, nor did I ever imagine myself ever being a pathological hooker and fibre art fiend. Crochet pretty much saved my life. I'm not kidding. Crochet came to me as a colourful striped yarn-bombed life raft made of hooks and fabulousness when I was at the bottom most pit of despair. Deep huh?
Crochet hooked me up out of a massive pile of doo-doo and gave me something to be addicted to that wasn't my usual self-loathing, sadness and self-destruction. It sounds dramatic, and a little corny I guess but it's the way it is! Crochet helped me through the last trimester of my pregnancy when my life got turned upside down, through a very rough patch in my marriage, it helped me get through moving halfway across the country into a whole new city and a whole new life, it helps me to get through my day sometimes when I feel like I'm not coping with anything at all. It is my little something that gives me back a sense of control when I've lost it, completion when I feel incomplete, and sanity when I'm feeling totally insane. It also gives me an empty bank account.... who said money can't buy happiness? Yarn is total and utter happiness. *doool* yarn.

So, I am thankful for the positive changes in my life, and for the bad ones that happened too because if it weren't for them I wouldn't be this better new person I am slowly learning to be. I am thankful for the absolutely wonderful splendiferous people who have already requested handmade crochet lovelies from me which has just made me feel like a million bucks and totally talented (smug face), and I am thankful for my darling little family for loving me as much as they do and for my husband not minding about the little scraps of yarn that end up covering our floor like carpet.

Finally, I am thankful for crochet. Because without it coming into my life, or whatever it did, I don't know where I'd be. Probably running screaming and nude into the hills having lost my marbles and terrorising the villagers with my awful singing and recorder practice. Actually, I think we should ALL thank crochet for that. No one needs to see me do that.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


It's 5 am, you're catching some Zzzzz's when you start to hear giggling coming from the cot beside your bed. Someone is awake and having a party! You get up to find a certain little someone has unwrapped himself and is playing with his toes in an adorable fashion. You smile and feel your heart fill with adoration for this little creature you bought into the world; but you're still so bloody tired! So you bundle up what seems to be a baby octopus with limbs flailing out all over the place, and since your husband has already gotten up and is getting ready for work, you put him in bed with you for snuggles and hopefully more sleep. The little fellow grizzles for a little while but soon drops off back to sleepy land. Ahh bliss! Nose to nose, feeling his sweet breath on your face, heart bursting at the seams with love you close your eyes.

2 hours later...

Fingers up your nose. Giggling. Fingers poking in your mouth. Giggling. Little teeny hands kneading your face like playdough.... awwww how sweet. Poke his dummy back in, re-contain those chubby arms and exploring hands, then back to sleep.

5 minutes later...

Poke poke. Hehehehehe. Poke poke poke.



Two handed death grip on your hair. Suddenly you're awake, having had a very painful shock, and you see two extremely cheeky eyes staring back at you inches from your face. It's one of the many ways little people like to let you know you've had enough sleep.

Yup. Ok Lynton, mamma bear is awake now.

But hey! To give the little guy credit where credit is due, he does give a mean facial massage!

That was my morning. How was yours? Slightly less painful I hope! Yesterday I found a really neat crochet pattern for a baby toy and just had to make it in the hopes my darling son would want to play with it instead of my nostrils and eyelids. It's the 'LOOP Baby Toy' and I found it at Herbst Handmade. Here's mine!
Plus I'm delighted to say that my little dude loves it! I added a few little bells inside, they aren't very jingly because of the stuffing but they do rattle enough to make it interesting for him. Naturally his first response was to see how it fits in his mouth. I was inspired by the pattern to use similar colours to Amy's, I'm tempted to make up a matching crochet ball aswell.
So anyway, bubs is having his midday nap at the moment and since my house is relatively clean *cough cough* that must mean it's time for some Wednesday hookin'.

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Most Delicious Recipe ~ Melting Moments

Hello fabulous person!

How are you?

Well I've been busy busy busy with crochet custom orders lately (and a few extra things to add to the shop... like these gorgeous little booties) which has been wonderful, I am so thrilled to have been getting requests for yarn-ed up goodies!! *happy dance*

I think I've been made 6 unicorns in these past few weeks and about the same number of baby sandals. My latest order, 2 more unicorns, will be going alllllll the way to the U.S!

I am so happy it's Hump Day, it's been a long week. And honestly, what better way is there to celebrate a sunny Wednesday afternoon than to bake? I found this fabulous recipe at 'I Eat Therefore I Am' on the interwebs for Melting Moments and it's probably one of the best recipes I've tried! The only thing I did differently was use custard powder in the place of the corn flour; custard powder in melting moments just MAKES them, trust me. Don't they look divine? They taste so good I have to hold back from munching on them all before hubby comes home and has a chance to try them. I guess I could leave him one hehe

So there you are, something yummy to try! You can bet your bum I'll be making more of these in the future, I'm sure my neighbours would enjoy these; I know their kids definitely would!!

Enjoy what's left of your Wednesday, I've got to get back into my crochet... plenty of things still to do before the grand opening!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sweet Unicorn Love

Hello lovelies,

I haven't opened Dear Doily Handmade officially yet, shhhhhhhhhh don't tell, but I have a bit of a treat for you that I just couldn't wait to share! These past two weeks I've been working on the most beautiful little crochet delights. They're custom orders for two lovely ladies, among my first actually! How exciting! Anyway, I won't stay long, I promise I'll be back to officially introduce myself and Dear Doily soon. In the meantime enjoy this sneak peak! Xx

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