Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Most Delicious Recipe ~ Melting Moments

Hello fabulous person!

How are you?

Well I've been busy busy busy with crochet custom orders lately (and a few extra things to add to the shop... like these gorgeous little booties) which has been wonderful, I am so thrilled to have been getting requests for yarn-ed up goodies!! *happy dance*

I think I've been made 6 unicorns in these past few weeks and about the same number of baby sandals. My latest order, 2 more unicorns, will be going alllllll the way to the U.S!

I am so happy it's Hump Day, it's been a long week. And honestly, what better way is there to celebrate a sunny Wednesday afternoon than to bake? I found this fabulous recipe at 'I Eat Therefore I Am' on the interwebs for Melting Moments and it's probably one of the best recipes I've tried! The only thing I did differently was use custard powder in the place of the corn flour; custard powder in melting moments just MAKES them, trust me. Don't they look divine? They taste so good I have to hold back from munching on them all before hubby comes home and has a chance to try them. I guess I could leave him one hehe

So there you are, something yummy to try! You can bet your bum I'll be making more of these in the future, I'm sure my neighbours would enjoy these; I know their kids definitely would!!

Enjoy what's left of your Wednesday, I've got to get back into my crochet... plenty of things still to do before the grand opening!

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