Wednesday, 26 March 2014


It's 5 am, you're catching some Zzzzz's when you start to hear giggling coming from the cot beside your bed. Someone is awake and having a party! You get up to find a certain little someone has unwrapped himself and is playing with his toes in an adorable fashion. You smile and feel your heart fill with adoration for this little creature you bought into the world; but you're still so bloody tired! So you bundle up what seems to be a baby octopus with limbs flailing out all over the place, and since your husband has already gotten up and is getting ready for work, you put him in bed with you for snuggles and hopefully more sleep. The little fellow grizzles for a little while but soon drops off back to sleepy land. Ahh bliss! Nose to nose, feeling his sweet breath on your face, heart bursting at the seams with love you close your eyes.

2 hours later...

Fingers up your nose. Giggling. Fingers poking in your mouth. Giggling. Little teeny hands kneading your face like playdough.... awwww how sweet. Poke his dummy back in, re-contain those chubby arms and exploring hands, then back to sleep.

5 minutes later...

Poke poke. Hehehehehe. Poke poke poke.



Two handed death grip on your hair. Suddenly you're awake, having had a very painful shock, and you see two extremely cheeky eyes staring back at you inches from your face. It's one of the many ways little people like to let you know you've had enough sleep.

Yup. Ok Lynton, mamma bear is awake now.

But hey! To give the little guy credit where credit is due, he does give a mean facial massage!

That was my morning. How was yours? Slightly less painful I hope! Yesterday I found a really neat crochet pattern for a baby toy and just had to make it in the hopes my darling son would want to play with it instead of my nostrils and eyelids. It's the 'LOOP Baby Toy' and I found it at Herbst Handmade. Here's mine!
Plus I'm delighted to say that my little dude loves it! I added a few little bells inside, they aren't very jingly because of the stuffing but they do rattle enough to make it interesting for him. Naturally his first response was to see how it fits in his mouth. I was inspired by the pattern to use similar colours to Amy's, I'm tempted to make up a matching crochet ball aswell.
So anyway, bubs is having his midday nap at the moment and since my house is relatively clean *cough cough* that must mean it's time for some Wednesday hookin'.

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