Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Crochet 'n' Cookies!

Good afternoon lovelies!

I had a lovely suprise this morning, a local photographer, Louisa of Louisa Sams Photography and Design popped in to have a look at my crochet creations and left with an arm-full of delicious newborn props! My insides are flipping over and over hoping that everything fits, nomatter how much I pay attention to detail and try to get the sizing just right, until I see them in action I just won't be satisfied ;) You can probably guess how excited (and nervous) I am. EEEEEEEP! These are just a few of the handmade goodies that are now sold!

I was in such a good made I made cookies to celebrate... which my husband and I then ate with glasses of milk hehe I think there are about 5 left whoops! Chocolate and caramel chip, in case you're wondering and honestly I think these are the best ones I've ever made! Try it yourself! :-) Easy, quick and so very very addictive.
Time to get back into my current orders and eat what's left of these! Crochet 'n' cookies? WIN! 

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