Sunday, 27 April 2014

Meet my latest completed custom order!

Remember I asked a few days ago on the Dear Doily Facebook page if anyone knew what these bits and pieces were going to be?

Well guess what? I finally got them all sewn together and look what they turned into! And THAT is how dragons are born ;) 

He is 30cm tall, VERY adorable and oh so cuddly! I will admit that he was a challenge for me but I am more than thrilled with the finished product. Definitely worth the time and effort and I really hope he will be happy in his new home.
Anyway, just a short and sweet post tonight, I'm off to bed! This sleep deprived mumma bear has been wrangling with a very cranky teething 6.5 month old and whilst I'm beyond beauty sleep at this stage, I think I need as much as I can get to keep my sanity from trickling out my ears. 

Nighty night!

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