Friday, 16 May 2014

Get crafty with it!

Check out my afternoon's crafty creations! A jar that I painted for my hooks and a really neat dry erase frame to keep me nice and organised. I have had the idea for the frame pinned on Pinterest for a while now and finally decided to buy a cheapy $4 frame and spunk it up! It was so quick and simple, based on this project that uses paint chips, I used some scrapbook paper because I was too lazy to go to Bunnings. Added a bit of washi tape and voila! The jar is just an empty baby food jar that has had a bit of tape put around the middle, then three layers of paint, allow to dry, remove the tape and the ribbon added. Simple and sweet!  

Slowing down under pressure

I'm experiencing a case of the 'completely unmotivated to do the things that need doing''s not fun. Both kiddies hav...