Tuesday, 20 May 2014

HAPPY MAIL! And a few sneak peaks

This morning I received a nice big European package delivered right to my front door! British even! *wink wink* No, not THAT kind of package you dirty person, this kind.... 

Arguably it's the better kind of the two. Yes, I am THAT pathetic. 

I absolutely adore this brand of yarn... it's a touch more expensive than the local kind you find at Spotties but the quality is by far better. So soft and it comes in such delicious colours! I don't have plans for it just yet, much too busy with orders to think about 'free time' crochet at the moment, so I'll just add it to my stash hehehehe I would say I could save it for a rainy day but that won't be for another 6 months ;)

Nice right? And it's alllllll mine *cuddles yarn with huge anime eyes of adoration* I have a few sneak peaks ready of my current four WIP's for you too... Nicola, Haylee, Ashlee and Erin, these are your orders in progress :-) All are on schedule! If you don't see yours here have no fear, once I complete this fortnight's list I'll begin work on the next lot. That means Nicola. C your booties, Kristy your hat, Bec your 'surprise' gift, and Tanya your giraffe and snuggle blanket. 

As you can see I have oodles of work to do so I'd best get back to it!
Yarn-love to all! 

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