Thursday, 3 July 2014

A creative week at Dear Doily HQ

I have been a very busy bee working to get more of my ideas out of my head and onto the hook, looking back over this past week I'm absolutely amazed at what I've managed to accomplish! The baby sleep situation hasn't changed any, he's now 9 months and 2 days and call me crazy but after so long of such little sleep you really do get used to it! I drink more coffee than I used to, I think I've had three today but two were instant so they don't really count, right?

Ah well, that's why babies are so adorable! It's compensation. 9 months old and sprouting his 9th tooth.... he has quite a set of chompers!! I always used to say I'd stop breastfeeding when he grew teeth but when his first one came in at 4 months I promptly ate my words. I'm still going, feeding the bitey monster is touch and go at times.... I keep saying I'll stop but I haven't yet and probably won't for a while to come. As I said, it's a good thing he's cute!
Recently we found out via ultrasound that he has a little defect called pouching in his bladder which causes a little urine to get refluxed back up and has been the cause of his recent urinary tract infections. The poor thing recently finished a two week course of antibiotics and now on another one. On top of that, and the teething he seems to have developed a horrible cough as well. He is doing it tough at the moment, which in turn has been tough on mum and dad but you just gotta take it day by day, don't you? He'll be seeing a pediatrician next week and we'll go from there. We've both been in the wars a little this week actually, on Monday slipped down a flight of stairs holding bub and landed pretty badly on my rear. I have a MASSIVE hand sized purple bruise on my bum as a result. Great start to the week huh? Luckily bub was fine, instinct took over I guess. Better I be bruised than him!! I won't share a photo of that... no need to ruin a perfectly decent blog post with my butt.
So that's the goings on in our little world, let me tell you I am SO thankful to have crafting to turn to when things suck. I don't know what I'd do without crochet in my life! I haven't been able to sit, but I can still hook, glue and sew!  Let's get back into the crafties... moving on!
I had a bit of a play around with sprucing up some $3.50 baskets I bought, I'm always in need of more storage. What do you think? I'm in love with them.
Then I got a bit foxy... *wink wink* Yes, bruised butt and all! *chuckle* I am also totally in love with this sleepy fox snuggle blanket and matching booties. It's part of an order due at the end of this month, there will be an owl set to go with it but I'm still working on that one :-)
I did a bit of sewing and whipped up some headbands to add to our handmade collection, and hey if no one wants them I'll keep them for myself! hehe You can expect to see more sewing happening in the future, DDH isn't just crochet! If you've ever been to my Pinterest account you'll see that it's my life mission TO MAKE ALLLLLL THE THINGS MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Then there are these dino booties because hey, sometimes you just wanna walk like a dinosaur! And to do that you need dino booties. One pair are for a lovely regular customer of mine, Sarah if you're reading *WAVES* hello! I'll be hooking up more of these to add to the shop in sizes 0-1 RAWR! I know my little dude will be getting a pair, that might be tonight's hook-up project actually.
What else? Oh yeah! My new paper bags arrived! I got all excited when I found them at my door... I've had to send a few customers away with their orders in glad bags but I am now happy to say I have solved the packaging problem. Everything is cuter when it comes in a little brown bag.

And last but not least, these are fresh off the hook as of this afternoon. What do you think? Lime green, dark blue and orange together are one of my favourite colour combinations, I had these super bright orange buttons in my stash and they were just perfect to add the final touches. You should always buy buttons in sets of 2 or 4 ALWAYS. Just in case! 
Wow I can't believe I was able to get a whole blog post done! Woot woo for me! Trust me, having an hour or so alone to just edit photos and blabber on in my corner of the blogosphere is a rare thing... I'm sure those of you with kidlettes know what I mean. The hubby is home now, I sometimes forget he's perfectly capable of caring for his child and I can just leave them together for a while. It beats trying to speed my way through whatever I can during nap time! *big sigh of relief* There haven't been any loud crashes, no crying, no sudden outbursts, that seems like a win, right? I'll need to come out of hiding and go back downstairs (CAREFULLY) to orchestrate the dinner/bath/bed thing. Blog, I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together... perhaps we can do this again sometime?


Happy crafting and much yarngasmic love to all, as usual!

OH! P.s... I've joined Instagram! There's a button up there for it ^ ^ if you're interested! ;)

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