Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ribbed Baby Beanie Pattern

If there's one thing I love to do other than crochet, it's blog. I did so for a couple of years at The Quirky Crafty Shmoogle Bean but since discovering my crazy yarn passion I've moved on to bigger things and the Quirky Bean will be retired once I've redone and relocated my tutorials. Yes, I think my little Facebook run crochet business is a big thing IT TOTALLY IS and one day I think I will eventually achieve crochet world domination. This little beauty is officially the first item ever in my Etsy shop! That is a big deal :-) It's not quite open yet, I only got it up and running this afternoon and still have a few details to add (bit hard with the bugalugs getting into everything) but it will get there eventually. I want it all to be just perfect!!

So, ta da! Here's the first of many free patterns to come from your favourite crochet addict. I don't mind if you want to sell items made from my pattern, I can't stop you really can I? ;-) Might as well just say yes! Go for it! :-) If you don't want to make your own, I can make one for you and I'm happy to make them in any colour/size you'd like. Just pop on over to the Facebook shop until I get Etsy finished and pm me.

You CANNOT however sell this pattern/reproduce it in any way elsewhere (without my permission)/use my photos to sell your finished hat(s)/use my photos and claim them as your own. They are copyright to Dear Doily Handmade. Thanks in advance!

Beautiful Ribbed Baby Beanie

Size 0-3 Months

5mm hook
8ply yarn in 2 colours (My main colour is Moda Vera 'Garofano' in gold and I'm using Cleckheaton Country in stone for the rib)

Crochet Terms 
MC - Magic Circle
Ch - Chain
Dc - Double Crochet
Fpdc - Front Post Double Crochet
Sl St - Slip Stitch

Ch 2 does not count as a stitch, it simply makes the join neater and less noticeable.
The stitch count is indicated in brackets at the end of each round.
The final stitch(s) of each round is made in the same st as beginning ch 2
Pattern is worked in rows, join with a sl st at the end of each round.

The Pattern
With main colour:
Round 1 Begin with a MC and ch 2. 10 dc into ring, join with sl st to first dc (10)
Round 2 Ch 2, 2 dc into next stitch and in each stitch around, join  (20)
Round 3 Ch 2, *2 dc in next st, 1 in next* repeat from * to *, join (30)
Round 4 Ch 2, *2 dc in next st, 1 in next 2* repeat from * to *, join (40)
Round 5 Ch 2, 1 dc in each st around, join (40)
Round 6-8 Ch 2, 1 dc in each st around, join (40)
Finish off
What you'll have after Round 4
Join second colour for rib:
Round 9 Ch 2, 1 dc in each st around (40)
Round 10 Ch 2, fpdc around next st of previous row and each st around (40)
Round 11 Ch 2 , fpdc around (40)
Round 12 Ch 1 , sc in each st around
Finish off and weave in ends
The finished hat
Add any details you like, I have a HUGE crush on wooden buttons so that's what I've popped on mine. You could try chaining a length of about 40 and tying it into a bow to add, or perhaps if you're making more feminine you could add a flower. I feel this is such a versatile hat pattern that really lends itself to customisation, have fun with it! 

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