Sunday, 10 August 2014

New knitting needles! Om nom nom

I'm not much of a knitter, I can only really do the basics, but even still I love the act of knitting. There is something serene and calming about it. I'm super keen to learn new stitches! I spoiled myself a little today and bought a set of bamboo needles to go with yummy thick yarn, which of course I had to buy to go with the needles. I found some really nice colours that I thought would make great newborn prop underlays. Not that I NEED more WIPS on top of my stack (that is taking over my house I should note) but you know, it's the curse of the crafty! We can't help ourselves.


It was lovely sitting out in the park at Fannie Bay with my coffee knitting in the sun with my little dude playing on the grass. He's getting so big now!!! I can hardly believe it! I wish he'd slow down, in another two months he'll be one *sniff sniff* We hadn't seen him crawl much since he prefers to commando around on the tiles at home but pop him in the grass and off he goes! He's funny with dirt and leaves, he'll put one hand down, move a little forward then lift his hand up to shake off the greenery, then repeats the process for every bit he moves. Funny little critter :-)

So I just thought I'd share some pics of our little family outing, my new needles (which I am quickly falling in love with, I can't stand bamboo crochet hooks though which is weird) and a sneaky little something I've been working on in the late hours of the night. Perhaps a new line of pretties coming soon to Dear Doily Handmade? Just wait and see! *wink wink*

I hope your weekend has been fabulous! My parents have been in the Territory visiting this past week, they're in Litchfield until tomorrow then they'll be back with us and heading home on Thursday. We've been having a ball! But that's another blog post :-)

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