Thursday, 11 September 2014

Catching up on #projectpositive

September 6 – I think my best quality is… That I give my 100% to the people I love
September 7 – The 3 words I’d use to describe myself are… Creative, impulsive, hot headed
September 8 – I’m great at my job because… My son is still alive! That makes me an awesome mummy, right? I'm great at my job because I'm a kick-arse mother who does everything she can to make her little boy happy, safe, clean and loved. 
September 9 – I’m confident that I can… Crochet anything under the sun! Challenge accepted? :p 
September 10 – My friends and family say I’m… Strange. I'm sure of it. 
September 11 – I’m lucky to have… So much yarn!!! But seriously, I am so lucky to have such  supportive husband who cares as much as he does about Lynton and I. He knows me better than I know myself

How I got back in control of my anxiety

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