Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Project Positive

Recently while I was having my usual late peruse through Instagram, I noticed that one of my friends had posted about something called Project Positive, hosted by Stardust. It's sort of like one of those photo a day things but instead we are encouraged to write a little positive something to do with ourselves every day for the month of September. Now, I'll admit I am definitely not the best at following through with these things. I think my last attempt at Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day lasted a week despite having prompts pop up on my phone every morning! But, I told Cate that I'd do it along with her, so here I am! I've decided to blog it mostly because my other social media accounts get posted on enough and my little 'ole blog here tends to get a wee bit neglected. Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives and the chaos around us that we forget to take a moment to be thankful for who we are. This is a fabulous idea, and I only hope that I actually see it through and take a little moment each day to sit down and focus on myself for a while.

So, for those who may be reading here is it! My 30 days of #positive!
September 1 - I love my face because...
I have one! Is that a good enough reason? No? Ok fine.. I love my face because it has a mouth to kiss with husband and my baby boy with, lips to sip coffee, lips to smile with. It has cheeks that my son will stroke while he is breastfeeding, cheeks that I can rub my dog's fur against, cheeks that dimple on one side when I laugh. It has a nose to appreciate the delicious scent of freshly baked bread and freshly cut grass. It has eyes through which I can see my world and the world around me, eyes that light up at the sight of new yarn, eyes that allow me to laugh, cry, smile, all without saying a word. It has ears that can choose not to listen to hateful words. And aside from all that, it has character. Because I can express so much of myself through it, and let's 'face it', without faces we'd all look pretty creepy.

September 2 - I love my body because...
This is a hard one, and although it goes against the spirit of this challenge, I have to say that I don't love my body. It has had its ups and downs, and I know most would expect me to at least love my body because it grew and birthed a little human and I whilst I think that's amazing, it doesn't make me love my body. Body acceptance has always been a tough one for me, I've never truly felt comfortable in my own skin and that probably roots from something a lot deeper but it's the truth.
I WILL say though that I love my body because it functions and all the parts work like they're supposed to. Sure it had a few physical flaws but for the most part, good on ya, body! Thanks for letting me eat food, thanks for my circulatory system, thanks for my creative brain (the right side, I think. No thanks to the side that failed me in math), thanks for my limbs and just thanks in general for being a good 'ole skin bag and holding everything in.

And today...
September 3 - I'm a great friend because...
*TWINGE* oh that one pulls at the heart strings. If I was a great friend, I'm sure I'd have more of them. No no no, that's bad. Ok let's try again.
I'm a great friend because I don't judge. I have never expected my friends to be in a good mood and pestered them to be happy when they don't feel like it because that is one thing that I truly truly truly appreciate in any relationship. When you have social anxieties and you're not overly outgoing it can be so tremendously difficult to keep friends, but over the years I have kept some amazing ones because they are and continue to be totally accepting of the whole 'Tash' thing. Sure we might not see one another in person, because in this day and age many strong relationships stay that way thanks to the internet. We can share our lives on a completely personal level and have no doubts that if we were to meet up one day, we'd be two peas in a pod. Two very shy peas to start with of course but you get the idea.
I don't expect for the people around me to be happy and chirpy in my presence if they don't feel like it, I want them to know that I'm just happy they WANT to be in my presence, in whatever mood they're in and be comfortable. I don't mind :-)

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