Sunday, 14 December 2014

Gingerbread, crochet food and a sparkly edible laptop.

It's amazing what you feel like doing when you aren't stressed. Since opening Dear Doily Handmade in April this year, custom orders have filled nearly every spare waking moment and I won't lie, it has been really stressful at times. Sometimes I forget that I'm just a hobby business and I can really turn the pace down if I'm uncomfortable with it. I've been priding myself on orders being completed quickly, but it isn't until you begin to wind down for the year that you realise exactly how much time you've been spending on them. Having closed for the Christmas/New Year period I've been enjoying a bit of 'me time' crochet wise... I felt like making a couple of unicorns and a dragon last fortnight, so I did! Yesterday I felt like making some cupcakes and trying out some amigurumi strawberries for the first time, so I did! Today I decided that I'd never thought of trying a seahorse, and I do love seahorses, so can you guess what's been on my hook? Hehe There have also been a couple of lovely cowls created with my new Lion Brand Tweed Stripes yarn that I had ordered for mermaid tails.

No, that mermaid tail set that appeared last post hasn't been finished yet. I didn't say I'd gotten more organised during this break *wink* I'll get to it. It's crazy insane idea overdrive!!! MAKE ALLLLL THE THINGS! I make cowls in summer... in a Darwin summer... because I'm a crazy person!

So my lovely little seahorse is going to be mint, pale pink and purple (three of the few coordinated colours left in my dwindling stash, I need to re stock again soon!) and it's currently in little pieces across the right hand side of my laptop. After dinner I'll get back to it, absolutely dying to see how it turns out!!! I'm mean, c'mon... sea horses are ADORABLE. Imagine a whole tank filled with them and other sea creatures?! *Swoon*

Ohhhh I made gingerbread cookies today too! They look and taste pretty fab but my god they took forever! Baking whilst parenting a grumpy teething 14 month old is a slow process, I think I made the dough this morning, then baked them mid afternoon and iced them later in the afternoon. My hands and dermatitis are hating me right now from all the time they've spent in hot soapy water washing up after myself. Baking would be so much more fun if someone else cleaned up the mess. All I can say is thank Zeus for disposable piping bags, or my stars, trees and gingerbread people would have been all green. Seriously, who enjoys cleaning out and drying a piping bag after every colour change? Although people who probably enjoying icing things regularly most likely own more than one. I got to use the edible glitter I'd bought too... it is now covering my kitchen and the keys of my laptop which I stupidly left on the kitchen bench during the decorating process because stupid me forgot to turn off the kitchen fan. Derp, Tash. It didn't occur to me until after I'd finished baking the biscuits that I can't have the usual royal icing I use for them due to the raw egg white and being preggo BUT the internet came to my rescue and I actually found a really neat recipe that uses that Pavlova Magic stuff instead (recipe HERE if you'd like it!) and whilst the recipe made enough to build a cyclone shelter out of, it was the perfect substitute. It dries like a dream and is deliciously glossy. 'Scuse the dingy pics, but here they are. Oh yeah, the pink ones were supposed to be red, but I can never get the red to actually go red so now it looks they're naked.
That's about it! We've just been bumming around this weekend, playing with our little critter who is having a blast now that he can walk, and currently waiting for the roast pork and vegies to finish cooking so we can all go to bed like the old farts that we are ;-)

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