Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Mermaid tails and uneaten cake.

Here I am!!! Darnit I nearly blogged everyday for a week, but then a stomach bug hit and totally knocked me out for four days. It was AWFUL. The trip to the emergency department, and the five hours that followed was really the icing on the cake; especially since my husband and 14 month old had to wait there along with me until we knew what was happening, and by then it was too late for them to go home and come back to get me.
The dishcloths I made after having crochet withdrawals whilst sick
Speaking of cake, it's ironic actually because my husband baked a chocolate fudge cake the night before I woke up throwing my guts up (charming, huh?) and it sat un-iced on the kitchen bench for around three days. I think it's still down there in a container, although I doubt it edible anymore. The one time he decides to bake a flippin' cake!! Ah well. Maybe cake is a bad omen? Nah, never. I also had some Tim Tam truffles I'd made that are also still sitting in the fridge downstairs and have been for around a week now... neither of us have really had the appetite for them! Tell you what, it's a good thing we're going to have company for the next two weeks (father in law is coming to visit) because it's really hard when you want to bake and cook delicious things but have no one to really share them with, and consequently then try to eat them all yourselves (appetite permitting! Not recovering from an evil bug of doom whilst battling your usual morning/all day sickness would help a little in that department).
The little gift I bought myself today, it had me at 'free crochet gift'
Oh yes, it's been fun with the morning sickness thrown in. I'm still not feeling 100% now, not eating much and trying to drink as much as I can stomach to keep that migraine from coming back, but definitely better than the alternative of being stuck in bed with a bucket permanently draped around your neck. MUCH better.

Would you believe that those few days I was sick, I was actually missing being able to crochet? There wasn't a single hope in heck I would have managed it, but I was thinking about it! I've made up for it yesterday and today though! As soon as I felt human again, or the closest thing it at least, I made a few dishcloths.

Mobile phone photos for this blog post, because I was much too lazy to get the camera out and find the SD card *cough cough*. Let's see, what have I been up too? Well my beautiful order of Lion Brand Tweed Stripes from my favourite American supplier arrived on my doorstep this morning... I opened the package and basically salivated all over the plastic wrapper. It is BEAUTIFUL. It was bought specifically for a lovely new mermaid tail pattern I'd bought, but was having trouble matching the right yarn for. I just figured it was easier to order the exact stuff it says to use, so much less stress that way. YES, that is something that stresses me. It drives me batty when so many of my favourite patterns are written with American yarn weights in mind and I don't have ready access to them or a solid basis for comparison to substitute. That's why my supplier is my absolute new best friend! So anyway, I obviously needed to make said mermaid tail pronto, I'm in luuuuuuurve! Isn't it lovely? The colourway is just amazing! I have another lot to try out aswell when I get the chance to make the second one. (Do excuse the tails still hanging out).

Then there's this itty bitty santa prop set I whipped up yesterday... the bottom half was a challenge and a half, given I was trying to work it out as I went, and there were A LOT of failed attempts. I got there eventually. I'm thinking I might pop a subtle chain drawstring around the legs and waist so it can be fitted a little closer in case it's too big. Babies are so hard to size correctly! A prop made for a 5lbs baby isn't much use on a 9lbs baby. All the set needs to finish it off is the pom pom for the hat... which I will admit I procrastinated doing tonight because truthfully I really dislike making pom poms. I will do it though... that will be on the top of my 'just do it' list for tomorrow morning. Also on the list is going into the main shopping centre to pick up some bits and pieces and I am just dreading dreading dreading the crazy crowds. I'd rather make pom poms!
Oh! Nearly forgot! I totally had my 19 week baby morphology scan today :-) I can now share with utmost delight that we are expecting a little boy! And if today's 1 hour 42 minute long scan is any indication, he is going to be one stubborn and active little peanut. You read that right... my scan today took 1 hour and 42 minutes! Bubba was so super dooper active for the first part of his scan that the sonographer had trouble checking him, then when it came time to check his heart was working/looking the way it should, a certain young sir decided he'd worn himself out and refused to move from his comfy little spot. I had to leave for a walk (Officeworks was next door, I'd never been and being the complete stationary addict that I am nearly died. See notebook I absolutely HAD to have), jump up and down, roll from side to side and have the sonographer actually poke bub on the bottom a few times to get him to move... he wasn't interested however and stayed put. Hence the long appointment! Eventually he shifted enough to get what we needed, cheeky thing!

So yep! That's been my week... how was yours? Getting close to Christmas now, hopefully you're more organised than me and have more presents actually bought and wrapped other than the one for the dog. I have a totally messy house and a whole lot of things to get done before Thursday, for now though I am going to spend 15 minutes watching Dirty Dancing and starting a lovely chunky v-stitch cowl with my spare ball of Tweed Stripes before hitting the sack. It's 10pm, staying up too much longer when you have a baby that will wake at 6.30am is silly. Geez Louise I wish I didn't have this heartburn though!

Night! Xx

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