Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My FABULOUS background... and more unicorns. I swear not EVERY post has unicorns in it ;)

Our power went out again last night, apparently every time there's a decent lightening storm half the Territory goes out. When it's 30 degrees at midnight and you don't even have a fan to circulate the air it is honestly torture. Well, it is for us preggos and mums of babies who are used to sleeping in the cool... and the fun part of it happening is you never know how long it's going to be out for. It was gone for 12 hours earlier this year!! YUCK! It came back after around an hour thankfully. Between that and the neighbour's two dogs barking CONSTANTLY through the night, we didn't get much sleep. My husband got up to our little one this morning only to find that his bed, his toys, the floor, his hair, his clothes were all covered in vomit. The poor little guy had been sick through the night and we didn't know until this morning. I'm not sure that his air con turned back on when the power returned and he may have gotten too hot and been sick as a result. He seems pretty normal today, a bit sleepier than usual but totally understandable given all thunder and barking. I am SO grateful that my husband was here to shower the baby and wash his things instead of me as I'm still taking anti-nausea pills first thing and probably would have only added to the mess.... what a glamorous notion, right?! *pregnancy is worth it, pregnancy is worth it, pregnancy is worth it* and repeat.

BUT after all the dramas were sorted and the mess cleaned up, the little man went down for his morning nap and I got to test out my new photo background!! TA DA!
What do you think? Is it fabulous, or is it fabulous? *wink* SO easy to put together and store! WHOOP!
I have a teeny weeny little feeling that flower garlands will be something that features more and more on my hook come next year, as soon as I saw those little pretties together in a line on twine a flurry of ideas whirled around in my mind. Oh the possibilities! *swoon*
Oh, and those unicorns I shared a crummy phone pic of in yesterday's post? Here they are in full daylight in all their unicorn-y glory! See what I mean? White canvases and natural light for the win! All I've done with the images are increase the exposure a little and touched up the temperature so the blue cast wasn't so strong. I'd be lost without my 50mm lens and LR; I can't always use them properly, but I'm getting there. I'd love to have a little space where I could leave my background, tripod and camera set up but it's just not possible with a little person (soon to be two) running around. I used to have a nice big crafting/sewing desk in the 'spare' room but hubby has taken over it with his laptop. Fair enough I suppose, I have every other surface and storage area in the house covered/filled with yarn :p
Anyhoodles, I have that midwife appointment this afternoon which I'm oddly nervous about... although it may be the lack of sleep making me feel a bit precious so wish me luck there. Ooooooh and this Saturday I have plans! YES, that's right... plans! To leave the baby with the other half and actually go to lunch other humans, other PREGNANT humans! Honestly, if you really knew how little time I spend outside my house then you'd totally get why it's such a big deal ;-)

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