Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Star Baby Afghan

WIP number one! I started this about 2 weeks ago, it will be a star baby afghan and is being made from baby weight 4ply yarn with a 4mm hook. Whilst it's light and soft, it's slow to work up... I don't know why I thought 4ply would be a good idea over 8ply but it seemed brilliant at the time! I'm now regretting my decision slightly; it dawned on me that I may never actually finish it. It's quite small at the moment, only on row 12 or 13 (I think). I also don't know why I cut the yarn after one row of the yellow given I had another 4 rows to do with it. Brain not attached to rest of body today. Plus I'm too angry at the weather to think about much else... yet another thunderstorm passing us by without bringing any rain!!! This build up has lasted forever and I am well and truly over the heat and humidity. JUST RAIN ALREADY!!!!!! I am losing my marbles.

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