Friday, 16 January 2015

Light at the end of the tunnel

This past fortnight has been one of the hardest periods of time for our little family that we've experienced so far. Our little one caught the same cold both my husband and I had and was having a really rough time of it with such a stuffed up little nose, horrible sounding cough and hardly eating. A couple of days in he went from being fussy and unsettled to inconsolable, extremely irritable and so far out of sorts we didn't know what to do with him. We realised that whilst he was sick, his eye teeth were also beginning to come through and from what I've read, and what the girls in my due date group were also going through at the time, the eye teeth can be the cause of the most trouble as far as teething goes. We had two weeks of trying to get through the days and nights with a 16 month old who refused all food we tried to offer him, and who refused to nap for longer than 45 minutes a day, was difficult to settle to sleep at night and who woke frequently with coughing fits that resulted in the three of us sitting in our tiny bathroom trying to fill the room with as much steam and Vicks vapours as we could. He didn't want to leave either mine or his father's side (his preference switched back and forth from day to day), and was in tears most of the time. It was a truly awful thing to watch happen to a child and you wouldn't believe the stress levels in our house over that time. Needless to say a lot of cleaning and general housework didn't happen, there were plenty of fights to be had, and our diet consisted mostly of what could be acquired through a drive through. Thankfully it's the beginning of the work year for my husband so for the days when neither Lynton or I could cope, he was able to help us. I've still been struggling with my morning sickness 24 weeks in, then the cold that refused to let up making everything 100 times worse. It was definitely a struggle. As if that wasn't enough, the poor kid managed to fall off the back step and bump his head AND slip over outside on the varendah splitting open his lip and bumping his poor newly broken through teeth in the same week!

But these past couple of days have seen a big improvement for everyone, especially our son, who seems to have settled back into his regular nap pattern and is generally happier during the day than he has been. Unfortunately he doesn't have his appetite back yet and has somehow been surviving on yoghurt pouches and chicken dinosaurs but we're getting there. Today has been particularly hopeful! The little guy spent the first two hours before his sleep this morning playing by himself and just calmly going from toy to toy and helping me to sweep the floor with the occasional hug request. He was still in his jammies, so there is no refusing hugs from a toddler when they're in jammies. Babies in jammies must be snuggled.

So it turns out there is light at the end of the tunnel and everything seems to be settling down again finally! I'm so glad that our boy is on the mend, and I'm sure he'll be back to stealing the food off our plates again very soon.

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