Sunday, 25 January 2015

My finished 'Corner to Corner' scrapghan

Those of you who know me or have followed my crafty antics for some time will know that large projects, in particular blankets, very rarely see completion. I am pleased to say that I feel like I'm making a bit of personal history today; I have surprised myself and actually FINISHED SOMETHING! The corner to corner afghan was something I had wanted to try and it seemed like the perfect way to cull down a few (yes a few) of my scraps into something useful. How useful a crocheted blanket is going to be Darwin I have no idea, but it will definitely look lovely on our not-so-lovely couch where over time it will get covered in baby slobber (possibly puke), dog hair and sticky substances often found on the hands of toddlers. That doesn't matter though. What's the use in spending time working on something just to stow it away in a box? My scraps collection is back under control. I plan on starting another scrapghan as soon as I decide which design to go with next and really work on clearing out some more space (for new yarn... obviously). That, and whilst my husband has been supportive of my crochet habit, I don't think he is keen on bits of yarn living on nearly every surface in the house. 

So without further ado, I present to you my finished corner to corner scrapghan!

P.s That's one WIP down, baby!! Woohoo! *looks at unfinished pile of other projects* I'll get to those too eventually *wink*

These are my 'in progress' photos I'd uploaded to Instagram along the way. I always like to keep a photo journal of progress for things like this. 

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