Monday, 22 June 2015

Hello Monday ~ When they said I'd be busy...

I thought I had an idea of what to expect. I was going to have two children under the age of two, of course I'd be busy! I think part of me refused to really sit down and think about it too much before our second baby was born because I'd give myself a heart attack. I had no idea just how busy I'd actually be!!! NO IDEA at all. I do now! Things I've had to accept: the house will NEVER be clean all at the same time ever again. Just keeping downstairs in a state of normal throughout the day is a challenge. It's a little ironic that I wasn't overly interested in keeping a clean house when I had only one child. Now that I have two it's like my nesting that I didn't experience with either pregnancy has hit me and I absolutely cannot stand mess anymore. More ironic still is the fact that I had the time to do more around my toddler than I do now with a toddler and a newborn, but I WANT to do more now! Makes no sense.
 The floors are currently sticky and tacky underfoot from a few days of spilled orange juice. There are toys and various items from the kitchen cupboards strewn about the place including a martini shaker, which is my eldest's new favourite thing to play with. On a side note, being metal it makes one HECK of a loud clatter when dropped on tiles. The baby starts to cry, and as I'm comforting him I turn around to see the other baby has climbed on to the kitchen bench and has gotten into the biscuit container which I forgot to put up higher. And oh! The nappies! I feel like my main job is now Master Changer of Butts. I know all the words to Frozen, having seen it now around 5 trillion times (have scientists discovered what makes that movie so alluring to little people yet!?!).
 I am constantly checking behind me before turning around in case the toddler gets accidentally knocked over (again)... I swear they have the power to materialise to new locations in 3 seconds. Opening the fridge is a test of stealth as well! They move like lightening when they see the fridge door being opened, and all they need are nano seconds to weasel little fingers in there and then that's it, they're attached. Nothing much gets little fingers to detach from inside a fridge except a bribe.... from inside the fridge. If you try to remove the toddler by force it will result in a tantrum. Coincidentally, if you give them the wrong thing from the fridge, that also results in a tantrum. Some times if you give them the right thing from the fridge (i.e they asked for it) it can also result in a tantrum. All those things that seemed tricky pre-newborn are made so much harder. Then there's the lack of sleep, and oh boy, has that been killer lately. Our little man isn't in the habit of sleeping at night before around 1am. He has his days and nights a bit muddled. It's a good thing he's adorable!

I am run off my feet from beginning to end and left absolutely knackered by night time! If only I could turn off and curl up in bed!! Bub is usually still awake and/or windy and unsettled at this stage, when he is having a settled period (by some stroke of luck) I try to have a few moments to do something for myself. During the day when I'm on my own it's just impossible as you can imagine. Recently I got around to buying myself one of those adult colouring books and have been enjoying a bit of me time having a scribble in that. Colouring is seriously therapeutic! I've also been making sure I manage a little crochet, too. Not a lot mind, but a little. Dear Doily Handmade is still closed for the time being until I feel human again, so I've started a scrapghan. A nice simple straightforward giant granny square that requires no thinking at all! Annoyingly it's beginning to twist, but that won't matter too much when it's finished and draped over the lounge. It'll just be bright and colourful and amazeballs.

Good grief I'm tired! But life must go on and I have dinner to prepare so let's say hello to Monday and get on with it...

Hello grumpy toddler: Teeth, again. He has a nasty looking molar popping up on the bottom right, and it must be causing him a lot of pain because he is very, very cranky.

Hello new week: Ugh, is it really Monday again?! Wasn't it Monday last week?

Hello crochet scrapghan: I'll work on you a little each day this week, I promise.

Hello journal: After months of forgetting to write, I'm going to be sitting down tonight to re-think my goals for this year.

And lastly,
Goodbye mum and dad. It was beyond wonderful having you here for these past couple of weeks. I was very sad to see you leave yesterday. Until our next visit home Xx

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