Tuesday, 30 June 2015


It is a sad day for the crochet blogging community. We lost a most beautiful and creative soul to suicide last Friday. 'Wink' of A Creative Being lost her battle with depression, and it has pulled at many heartstrings. Crochet is an outlet, a therapy, and a lifesaver for so many people so the news has hit home for so many of us. Her blog was incredibly popular, powered by the incredibly talented crochet designer, artist and generally wonderful human being she was, being made most popular I think by her love of crochet mandalas. It is with this is mind that Kathryn, Crochet Concupiscence, has started #MandalasforMarinke where everyone is invited to send in a crocheted mandala with an optional personal note to be displayed in an art show and then in a book, from which a portion of the proceeds will go towards raising awareness about depression.
You can also wear a flower in your hair  to pay tribute to this gorgeous soul and upload it to Instagram on July 2nd with the tag #wearingflowersinmyhairforwink.

Depression can take hold at any time and it does not discriminate age, gender or race. If you notice any signs of depression in someone you love, a friend, a family member or even a work colleague it it just takes a simple question:  'Are you ok?'

It is vitally important that we watch out for one another as human beings, and look after ourselves as well. It doesn't matter how far down into that deep, dark hole you feel you've fallen, if you reach out, there will ALWAYS be a hand there waiting to pull you out. You just have to remember to open your eyes and look up.

Marinke, I did not know you, but I admired you, I admired your talents and I envied your skill. I did not know you but I have shed tears for you and for your family. We thank you for the gift of your beautiful life when you were with us. We will crochet for you.

Always in our hearts Xx

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  1. This is terrible news. I'm so sad to hear it. Depression is a truly terrible thing.


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