Saturday, 18 July 2015

Crochet makes the world go around.

Happy weekend everybody! I hope you have fun relaxing things planned. We're just bumming around at home at this stage, I've got some baking to do later for the week. It is a beautiful day out there!! Even a little cool which is a nice change. Of course, weekends mean I get 15 minutes to gather up my projects and photograph them to show you so here we are... 
Spunky little chevron booties going to NZ for a friend's bubba due in a couple more months... I don't want her to see what colour they are, so I bring them to you in black and white hehe This quickly became one of my all time favourite bootie patterns. They're double-soled for durability and wear-ability which won points in my book. And they're just plain cute. Cute with a capital 'C'. 

Voila! The finished doily I was working on last week. It's made with Rico Essentials because there is just NO other substitute for doily-making. It is seriously the most beautifully soft delicious cotton for creating doilies with. It isn't cheap and has to be ordered from the UK but who cares! I'll do nearly anything for good yarn. And no they haven't paid me to say that... that's just my opinon on its awesomeness. This little beauty is going to Crookwell, NSW to add some colour to my grandmother's home. I hope she likes it! Nanny if you're reading this, surprise! And happy belated birthday! It'll be on it's way to you this week :-) 

You remember me mentioning the Summer Sprigs scarf? How beautiful are those colours? I'm picturing the finished scarf and honestly it makes me a little giddy. Although blocking it is going to be a bitch I cannot WAIT to wear it!! SQUEEEEEE!!! She's a slow process, but so very worth it.

Silly forgetful me forgot to buy white yarn last night whilst I was out so I went for a rummage through my cupboard. I found white thankfully, saved me another trip, and I also found this! Stashed away in a plastic bag at the back was my brown ripple blanket! This had been started in Armidale before we moved to Albury; it seems to be the travelling unfinished afghan. If I can just remember what sized hook I was using I can add more rows. Pretty sure it was a 5mm? Maybe? If it ever gets finished I have plans for it. Muwahaha. Works out well actually because recently I've been making a point of crocheting my odds and ends into new afghans so this gives me a use for all my brown/beige bits that aren't being used in the others.

And this here is the beginnings of a crochet giraffe I have an order for :-) The colours are glorious. Really pretty. I mean, aren't they?! That's what I'm working on right now whilst the babies sleep. Life is wonderful, isn't it? Crochet makes everything better.... always. As for the rest of life, I am blissfully in denial and refusing to think too much into it right now. Oh look! Yarn!

Yes I realise my blog posts read like bullet points but I'm not a writer.  One last little thing before you go... those of you in Darwin, you may be interested to know that I am planning one heck of a yarn bomb. More details to come! Stay tuned, lovelies!

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