Saturday, 4 July 2015

One must always make time for crochet.

It has not been the best of weeks. Both the children have been sick so both mum and dad are pretty much zonked. Our toddler has had some kind of viral thing with similar symptoms to gastro, but the kind that last for a week. Thankfully it seems to be backing off a bit now. Our newest little man hasn't been well either and was actually just at the dr today having his urine checked for excessive protein. 

Whilst we aren't sick (touch wood), we have had our share of inconveniences. My newly acquired hay fever is driving me mental and the low dose antihistamine eye drops aren't doing a lot to relieve the insane itching, and hubby managed to roll his ankle at work. We've had a crummy week. 

BUT I have been finding spare snippets of free time to practice my favourite forms of relaxation. I've started a lovely bright doily to send to my grandmother as a belated birthday gift. They always look like a dog's breakfast until they've been properly starched. There are another two rows to go before I can attempt blocking it. I REALLY need a blocking board. I also went to Spotlight for the first time in about 3 months *happy dance* and let me tell you, it was soooooo good to be surrounded by glorious crafty goodness. No one is interested in glorious crafty goodness at home and I don't have people I spend time with doing glorious crafty things so my excitement has to be expressed via blog *wistful sigh*. Whilst I was there I picked up the sock yarn I'll be using for the Summer Sprig Lace Scarf I shared last post. I'd like to make it my goal to at least get that on the hook and started this month. 

My little star blankie is nearly finished as you can see; just the dreaded ends to sew in now. It hasn't turned out very big because I only bought one of each colour but it's a great baby blanket size! It will be a gift for a friend's baby whom has now outgrown my original gift because I was too lazy/forgetful to post it months ago. Rest assured, dear friend, you will get a gift for your baby before their 18th birthday. If not then you'll just have 18 years worth of booties, hats and blankets I had to keep making in different sizes because they were never posted either. Either way really. 

Theen there's the little cardigans I said I wanted to make. Well! I got one started! *FIST PUMP* AND GUESS WHAT?! There will be a pattern to go along with it :-) It will have sleeves with matching stripes and ribbed cuffs, and it will be ADORABLE. It's in a size 0-3 months, and I have been working on a toddler sized one too. There aren't enough cute crochet patterns available on the interwebs for toddlers, especially boys... so Tash to the rescue! So far I've readjusted the sizing 3 times but it is getting there. With any luck my eldest will also have his cardigan before HIS 18th birthday! 

And brownies. Because brownies. When the house is full of sick people and you've been thrown up on numerous times over the course of 5 days, one needs brownies. One could also use a bottle of wine but one is breastfeeding. 


Ah well... one day, right? ;-) 


P.s I've bought my first Tarot deck! They should be arriving in the mail this week... I'm very excited! 

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