Wednesday, 12 August 2015

6 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Use Crochet in the Home

Going green with crochet! Being more eco friendly in the home can end up being fairly pricey, even with the best of intentions. There are, however, a few little things you can make yourself with our all time favourite hobby crochet to make a difference and reduce unnecessary wastage. For example, making your own dishcloths means they will last longer, do a better job than most store bought varieties, and reduce the number of sponges you would normally go through in a given period of time. I've been using dishcloths and scrubbies made from Lily's Sugar 'n' Cream for a couple of years and I think I've only replaced them three times. They're durable and actually work! Hubby was skeptical to begin with but after trying them out he agreed that they reduce the amount of scrubbing needed for dishes and pots. There are other ways you can incorporate crochet into the home for everyday usage as well; you can make your own face and body washers, shower poufs, cleaning wipes, facial scrubbies. You can even make an effective crochet cover for your mop to extend its lifetime that does a better job at scrubbing the floor than the original bit of foam it comes with! No, I'm serious :-)

So I've put together a list of awesome patterns for you to try and actually with Christmas coming up, you'll find these make neat gifts. Little differences add up to big differences if enough people can make the effort to create change.

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These look a little hyperbolic. I like that. Make one in pink and red and wash yourself with a brain! 
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Use these little beauties instead of the disposable kind! They are seriously fantastic for make up removal. Seriously fantastic. 
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I find these the right size for wiping down surfaces. I use the spiral scrubbies for washing up with as they're easier to handle. You can always just crochet a shorter chain length to create a smaller cloth. 
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I love these. The stitch is so pretty. You can make a dishcloth with any stitch. Check out 'New Stitch a Day' for some great tutorials!
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This one isn't free, but I like the bobbles. I don't own a Swiffer, I don't actually even know what they are... some kind of mop/duster thing, but it looks like it's easily adapted to most sponge mop heads. They're re usable, washable and you can make them in pretty colours! That's a plus right? 
Image source: CrochetNPlayDesigns 

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