Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mohair Prop-Making

A bit of a roundup of what I've been working on this past fortnight. Mohair has been on my hook lately, and it's been an interesting learning curve. Turns out you can't frog it so easily so a lot of care has been taken not to catch stitches! This has been a wonderful opportunity actually because you don't know quite how much I LOVE making love love them!! That green romper and bonnet set has been a labour of love, I can tell you. Can you believe it took me 4 hours to make?! Using a mohair strand lighter than fingering and a 4mm, it has been painstakingly stitched together with a whole lotta love. I'm undecided if I want to make another one just yet, my wrist needs a wee break after that one :-) It is beautiful though! You don't normally associate mohair with anything other than lace or the use of spacious stitches. It's gorgeously soft, well worth it in the end.  And yes, that is knitting you can see there. I've improved somewhat ;-) 

I hope this helps to satiate your crochet spam-demand for a while; I have been juggling a cranky sick teething toddler, a colicky baby and nursing a bit of a cold whilst trying to keep my household together and feed people etc. The only time I find to crochet at the moment is at night once bub is asleep for an hour or two if I'm lucky. This time is so fleeting though, babies don't stay babies for long as we all know too well. I am working towards finding a perfect balance to everything in my life though, and I must admit the tarot has been a huge help helping me sort myself out. Not ironically enough, 'Balance' shows her face quite frequently in my spreads. Sometimes I forget to slow down and breathe. This life business is a learning curve as well, really, isn't it?

~Tash Xx

Romper in progress here.... colour to be revealed later! 

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