Monday, 17 August 2015

Tasha's Tips for Surviving The Week

These are probably more for me to remember than you, but if at least one other person finds these useful, then I will be glad to have helped. These are coming to you from a person who has two children under two, some serious lack of sleep going on, anxiety issues that are lately choosing to resurface, and an iron level that feels too low making the normal ability to function seem 10 x less effective. This person is going to the dr this week for that. This person feels like crap with a capital 'C'. But anyway... that's why this is necessary! Because I have people to keep alive! So on with the big girl panties and on with the bullet points!

Tasha's Tips for Surviving The Week

  • Do your dishes the night before. It completely sucks waking up to a full kitchen sink, a messy kitchen and that roasting pan that was left to 'soak' overnight. Just do yourself a favour and get it out of the way before bed. It makes a difference when you have little people who insist on using a separate bowl for each item of food they want that day. 
  • Wear your big girl (or boy) panties. Just pull 'em up, and do what you have to do. Prolonging the crappy tasks just makes you feel worse about not having already done them. 
  • Get any dinner ingredients out of the freezer to defrost first thing in the morning. Make it a routine before you have that first coffee of the day. Take the meat out of the freezer THEN put the kettle on. The most common reason for take out in our house is usually because a certain someone *cough cough ME cough cough* realised at 3pm that she forgot to defrost something. 
  • Light a candle, turn on the salt lamp, light some incense, or pop some essential oils in the burner in a VERY HIGH place unreachable by little toddler hands. I find a candle or calming scent tends to add a bit of warmth to the room and is quite revitalising, don't you? I have a new lime and cedar oil I'm looking forward to trying this week. 
  • Find that little something extra to bring more meaning to your life and fill that void inside. Something is missing, and it's your challenge to find what that something is and make it work to your advantage. 
  • When it seems like things are happening too quickly take a moment to slow down and think it all over. There's no sense making choices or decisions until you've had a chance to really consider them. There is a lot going on, yes, but you can't let it overwhelm you. 
  • Open those doors and windows! Actually, wait, only do that if you live in a perpetually warm environment or you may end up with unwanted frostbite and/ or pneumonia. But seriously, daylight and a gentle breeze can lift the spirits and clear out the cruddy energy (and that smell). Throw back the curtains and let the new day shine on in. 
  • EMBRACE the changes. Things will get better if you accept, embrace and move forward. 
  • Turn OFF the tv, and turn ON the music. One can only take so much Jimmy Giggle and Peppa-the-rude-as-f***-pig. Whether it's something you can dance to, or just some nice ambient background jazz, it will help make you feel better. My toddler happens to dance to Led Zeppelin, Cream, ZZ Top, AC/DC and Canned Heat AS WELL AS Sinatra, Cosby and The Idea of North so I sorta of lucked out there.  
  • See the humour in the situation. Not always easy, I know... but laughing is better than crying, right? 
  • If things don't go the way you'd planned or had expected just release your worries, and smile. These things are generally out of our control anyway, Ask yourself: Is there anything I can do about this right now? Will my being stressed/worried/anxious about this help to solve anything? A clear head space is often the best solution to any obstacle we stumble upon. 
  • Keep up your fluid intake! All those articles aren't just written for shits and giggles. You need to drink water. 
  • Clear away all that no longer serves you. Materials items, people, and thoughts. All of it just needs to go. Spring clean your home and your mind. 
  • Prioritise your tasks... Lists are your friend! But on the same token keep your expectations realistic. None of that 'being a crazy neurotic control freak who wants to build Rome in a day and then some' nonsense. Hear me, woman? I'm talking to YOU, future self. 
  • Try going outside for some air. You need air. Air is a fairly essential element of survival. Air is good! Go forth and breathe some air! And soak up some glorious vitamin K whilst you're at it. Draw on the path with chalk, blow bubbles, just look at the sky! And breathe :-)
Be ready for it everyone! The new week is coming whether we're ready or not, and we're going to be ok Xx 

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