Wednesday, 5 August 2015

This week's hooks and needles

I'm the crazy person starting her Christmas gifts in August. I have A LOT of family to make for and I'm determined. I thought these little stockings in everyone's favourite colours would make nice little gifts. They can be hung on the tree and are a good size for treats and candy canes! I'll be offering them for sale in my shop again this year; they were popular last Christmas :-) 
One very delicate mohair onesie in progress. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how many hours have gone into this already! It's nearing completion finally; mohair is impossible to frog. 
Chunky fluffy knit layers! I think I'm going to name these 'Knitty Bitties' because I suck at judging how much yarn I'll need to produce an even shape when it comes to knitting, so one is square and two are rectangular. They're like layering 'bits'...textural interest pieces. 
Part of a prop commission I've been given; mohair loveliness! The request is for neutrals but I couldn't resist making a romper and bonnet set in this lovely purple and cream colourway. I've also added another 3 patterns to my collection; how have I never thought to make rompers before?! Loving them!! 
Unicorn in progress. You know how I feel about unicorns. I will NEVER not make unicorns. It'll be going in the shop when finished, so watch out for her! 
And more knitting. 
That's it! That's this week's hooks and needles. My dining table is a mess and well and truly covered in projects, I've been busy!



  1. So many beautiful things (as always), that prop commissioned set is just beautiful in it's colouring

    1. It was such a soft pastel gradient, and I really love how it turned out. Making props from mohair is easier than I thought would be to begin with x


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