Wednesday, 21 October 2015

CWA Chocolate Cake

The story behind this was that I was going to bake a chocolate cake for my visitors I was expecting last Saturday afternoon. I don't feel comfortable with having visitors unless I have something yummy to offer them. The first one I tried to bake on the Friday failed MISERABLY after it took me all day to get the mixture in the oven around the kids. Apparently when a recipe says to use a large cake tin, it means a large cake tin, and not just an average one with the intention of 'she'll be right'. It came out more like a bundt cake; totally and utterly squish in the centre. I'm also getting to know a new oven so it was going to be touch and go as it was. With the smell of burnt cake and my brown squishy disappointment sitting on the counter top I gave up for the day.
The next day I dug out the ingredients from my ridiculously impractical new pantry (you have to sit on the floor to get anything out of it) and gave it a second go, this time splitting the mixture between two cake tins.

It all seemed to be going well until I screwed up the ganache. Usually when I make ganache I heat the cream in a bowl over a simmering pot on the stove to just before simmering point, then I add the chocolate stirring to melt it through. For some reason I completely forgot what I was doing and ended up melting the chocolate on the stove, heating cream haphazardly in the microwave and then combining the two. Evidently my cream to chocolate ratio for ganache was an tinsy-winsy bit *ahem* skewed. Ergo I ended up with a runny mess which kind of ruined the cake I was initially trying for. I solved this problem of inadequacy by adding Maltesers. TA DA! Everything is better with Maltesers. So yep, apparently baking isn't something you should attempt when you're getting stuff all sleep each night and you don't have 15 minutes to throw batter together and bake a damn cake.

We ate it anyway of course.

Baking is not a strong point of mine.

Recipe is 'Delicious Chocolate Cake' by the wonderful Country Women's Association


  1. it still looks fabulous! thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you! And my pleasure :-) Looking forward to actually watching the new GABO series!


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