Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Elise Shawl

Of life I have nothing much to report other than hubby is away at the moment (he'll be back in a week fingers crossed), I'm still ecstatically happy in the new house, and stupidly, stupidly behind on my tarot studies BUT of crochet, I have this for you! The (finally) completed (minus blocking) Elise Shawl! Isn't she a beauty? Made with KnitPicks 'Chroma' in colourway Lupine fingering weight roving, and a 5mm hook. I used two balls for this project at $13 a ball from the UK and it was SO worth it.
Finishing of this project has left me with that forever sought after sense of completion that will fuel me along until I start something else...which I may have already done. It was a short-lived feeling ;)
I'll leave you to bask in the glory that is this shawl now because I have a chocolate layer cake to frost for my visitors this afternoon. Cake is good. Good cake. Everything is better with cake.

P.s This week I also got addicted to Dexter. It takes me years after a series comes out to actually remember to start watching it,
Tash Xx


  1. This is so stunning... I love it! x

    1. Thank you Sonia!! I'm proud I stuck it out, it took a long time but turned out so beautifully!


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