Wednesday, 7 October 2015

We have finally moved! Hello new house

Hello world!
I am coming to you LIVE (ish) from outside. Yes, outside. In my new yard. A glorious place where the ground is flat and level, there aren't large disgusting spiders lurking in every corner, there isn't a crappy multi-leveled unfenced deck for my toddler to fall off repeatedly making it damn near impossible to let him play. My new yard, where we can see the traffic going by (my son is fascinated by this), see the big storm clouds rolling in from the sea, and where I can actually sit, relax, and blog and let my toddler play while the baby plays in his rocker AT THE SAME TIME without fear of major injury. Yes, my new yard is a glorious place full of wonderment and joy. I have Moods of Meditation playing and if I had a hot coffee I'd be in utter bliss.

We moved house last week, it's been something we'd been trying to do for 6 months prior and it finally happened. The move itself was hectic and stressful as they always are but now it is done, we are here, and we are so happy. I think my kids can sense the shift in my mood and are like different people. That alone is enough to make this worth while. I was well aware how much our previous location was tearing pieces from me. There is a crazy new sense of freedom I didn't have before. I know there is a bus that runs every half from a bus stop nearby that will get us all the major shopping centre, the library, and our dr. There is a play ground just up the road which I can walk to whenever I please, and a nice big grassy oval right across the road where we can take a ball to kick around. I was inside nearly every day for a number of reasons, but since being here we've been outside every day. I have an amazing little spot to sit under cover when it rains that I can't wait to decorate with my wind chime and dragonfly solar lights. Sure I'm sweating like a pig, covered in flies and have mosquitoes from last night's rain nibbling on me, but who cares! I could get used to this being happy thing :-)

And you know what else I want to say? I want to say a big F*** YOU to those people who told me that moving wouldn't solve any of our problems. Yes, you, I'm giving you the finger. Of course it hasn't solved all our problems, but you know what? Things are a shit load better than they were before and I am SO DAMN HAPPY.

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