Monday, 9 November 2015

Apple Sour Cream Slice

A month ago I had no idea about the possibilities of using sour cream for more than just potato wedges in the kitchen! As it turns out it is quite the versatile ingredient. My first baked morsel featuring sour cream was the Country Women's Association 'Sour Cream Cake' made with fresh dates, and it was just heavenly. My second baked morsel is the star of today's post! Apple sour cream slice. Did you know when you bake sour cream it comes out like a custard? Not AS firm mind, but delicious none the less. I may not have left it in the oven for long enough but it had the right wobble to it and I didn't want to risk ruining it. After all, it takes me half a day to get something simple cooked and having to re-do the recipe was not high on my list of priorities. Also can I just take a moment to add how much I hate when a recipe states 'cook for *insert length of time* or until set'. How am I supposed to know when it's set? What do I look for that might indicate that it's set? The sour cream doesn't have egg in it, it's just sour cream, what does set sour cream look/feel like? Ugh.
I'm not confident that this slice will indeed slice particularly well... I think we now have more of a pudding BUT it is delicious none the less. I used a recipe from, something I'm not often prone to doing simply because I've had so many failed recipes from that site but the reviews on this one convinced me. You can find the recipe here!

Did you notice something different about the blog? No it did not get glasses, and no it hasn't had a hair cut. I now own my own blog name! We are officially, hooray! Neat huh? If you come across and glitches whilst visiting though I'd appreciate if you could let me know. I'm not 100% sure that everything is working tickety-boo so if you notice anything amiss, shoot me an email to, or leave me a comment. Thanks a bunch of bananas :-)

It's Monday, another week. This time I am not doing a 'Hello Monday' post and listing what I'd like to have happen this week because the last time I did that our household got two doses of the dreaded lurgy, which resulted in not one, but two trips to hospital. I'm not jinxing myself this week. Surprise me, oh Gods That Control This Shit! In a good way though, if you would be so kind. We already no longer have a car (long story), funds are looking pretty dismal, but we are healthy for the time being and I'd like to keep it that way!. Please and thank you. I'll share my slice with you? *wink wink*

In crochet news I have a few things on my hook including a glittery rainbow unicorn. Wait til you see it! It looks like it has galaxies for feet. It's pretty amazeballs.

Check back for that later on, and until next time

Tash Xx


  1. yay! so glad that it finally all worked out. Sour cream is awesome for so many things. As is I have always been fortunate to find good recipes there. Sending lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way

    1. Sour cream is amazing :-) I guess I learnt the hard way using, always always always check the ratings first haha Thank you for the fairy wishes!! Xx


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