Sunday, 15 November 2015

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

Christmas is sneaking up on us fast... again! It does come around faster every year, doesn't it? It isn't just me? This year I thought I was being organised by starting my gift-making mid-year, but then life happened, as it does in the usual unexpected way, and my preparations halted. I'm only just picking them up again and it's November! NOVEMBER! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
I've been trying to finish off little presents here and there when I can but finding the time is so difficult. I feel awful that I may not get enough done for everyone, and consequently I don't have the money to fill in the gaps if it came to that so to say I am stressing a bit is an understatement. For once in my silly life I'd like to be able to finish something I set out to do! Nothing makes me feel worse. Ah well... there is still a little time. We'll see. 

 This is a cotton mandala I finished this morning, it can double as a small doily or coaster which I love. I am hoping to find where on Earth the rest of my cottons went when they were packed during the move; there used to be a system to my yarn and now I have absolutely no idea! Also on my to-do list are some snowflakes, mini stockings, a garland or two, and a few little amigurumis.
 Wrapping inspiration if you needed some! This year we decided to use our eldest son's paintings as wrapping paper. We set him up with sponges and brushes, and with green, red, white, and silver glitter paints and let him do what he wanted. I have a nice stack of beautiful 2-year-old artwork to re-gift. I like the personal touch it gives, and sending paintings to family from the kids is something I always mean to do but never get around to so I feel like it's adding something special by using them this way. Then I just added a strip of Christmas paper and tied on some curling ribbon. I think they look great! Perfect for the smaller gifts :-) We also attacked the dry painting with some owls in Christmas hats rubber stamps. You can't really over-do the Christmas-ness really.

It also happens to be day five of my daily tarot draw that I'm doing this week, so today I've posted it here for you. Temperance. Again this card is about balance and resonates quite strongly with yesterday's card (check my Facebook page for the previous four cards). This cards calls for moderation, temperance, and balance. The heron is depicted here blending opposing elements. Your life is in need of harmony right now; perhaps you've been over-indulgent or excessive in one area and letting another area fall by the way? Show some self-restraint.
Tomorrow's card will be back at Dear Doily Handmade, be sure to check back for it. And remember that not every card will apply to you; if you feel like it doesn't resonate with you, don't force it. A personal reading can help with anything you may be struggling with of late, but these messages I am giving this week are simply reminders to stay focused on your inner-self and perhaps awaken some awareness.

I have a lamb roast to get into the oven, and another one or two pressies to sneak in before bed time.

Tash Xx

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