Monday, 23 November 2015

Deck Interview ~ The Wizard's Tarot

Wizard's Tarot by Corinne Kenner

How could I resist? It's a witchcraft and wizardry deck and handbook that takes me through a year at Mandrake Academy! I was utterly powerless, of course I had to have it. I'll admit it's been in my possession for a few months and I'm only just looking into it now but a vision came to me as I was meditating and urged me to begin my tarot journey with it.

I saw a woman, an enchantress, clothed in black and green with her long thick dark hair bound with gold, barefooted and dancing around a fire that wasn't touching the ground. Right away I know she is a woman of  Fire. She sways, twists, turns, moving her hands through the night in a trail of shining embers. She moves to the regular rhythm of a beating drum before the bonfire. She chants under her breath and as she moves, feels the moon upon her skin, taking its power within her as she gives herself to the magic. She is two women; dark, knows of earthly desires and delights, her heart is in the woodland and her feet well and truly grounded into the earth, but she also walks upon the astral realm. It is a gift she has been given and she knows that to keep it she must give her thanks. She steps among the leaves, bare feet grounding her so that the Earth's power rises up and entangles her heart like vines. She is a creature of ritual, takes what she needs from her surroundings and the elements, manifesting the unseen into reality and giving it freely to those who seek her help. The dance is an offering of intention and spirit, connecting her to the universe. She feels the heat of the flames and feels fuelled by it continuing to weave her hypnotizing dance well into the night. The strange calls in the darkness do not disturb her, she is safe here. Passionately her hands and arms weave together the earth and sky to make the magical flame grow higher and hotter.
When the dance is over she stops and glances over her shoulder back at me through thick lashes. She lowers her eyes and smiles, and the fire before her once cackling and burning with life vanishes into a wisp of smoke and is carried away by the breeze. All falls silent. The light of the moon envelopes her and she takes in the cooling light to calm the exertion.
She collects her shawl, wraps it about her shoulders, and turns to begin her journey back to the castle in the clearing.

'Come', she says softly to me as she passes me by, and I follow her. She has given her sacrifice, made her promise, and will take her renewed power back with her until she feels the pull of the next moon, and it is time to dance again.

Coming out of my meditation the resemblance struck me of the woman I saw and the Initiate and that's how I knew it was time. I was the woman dressed in a white cloak watching the enchantress.

So on with the interview!

What is your most important characteristic?
Strength. In this deck, Strength is represented by the professor of familiar creatures. Interestingly enough, the thing I noticed first in the Initiate card, the first card of this deck, was the white rabbit in the young woman's arms. Just this past week I dreamed that I bought a white rabbit!
Strength in the tarot is typically not the 'brute strength' we usually associate with the word, but the ability to show both courage and composure. Strength isn't always an outward show of force. So in asking about this deck's most important characteristic I know now that it will help me find my own courage and composure, and help me discover my own animal familiar. This is good news! I've always been curious to know what mine is.

What are your strengths as a deck?
The High Priestess. The professor of divination. A lady of the moon, a master of tarot, and the key to lifting the veil between realms. Need I say more?

What are your limits as a deck?
The Initiate (fool).  I'm going to be presented with so many new and exciting aspects of magic and divination, it's going to be difficult to take it all in. There is no sense in being a jack of all trades and master of none. The Initiate is me right now at the beginning of this journey. The only limitations will be those I impose on myself.

What are you here to teach me?
The Chariot. In this deck The Chariot is a witch on a broom flying above the pyramids of Egypt and observing the world below her. She has the ability of astral travel. This card being depicted as a witch also tells me without any hint of a doubt that this deck and this year long course through Mandrake Academy will bring out my own inner witch. What more could I ask for? Exciting!! This deck is my ticket to the astral plane and all that lies beyond.

How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
Queen of Wands. The Guardian of Fire. As an Aries in both the sun and rising signs, and Aries being ruled by Mars, the planet of fire and representative of the the warrior, this could not be more of a sign that this deck is for me. A guardian and protector, born and raised to defend and preserve the realm of fire. Fuel my inner flame and hone my physical strength to reach my full potential. Willful, strong, self-assured, dynamic, and confident, this card is me. It can be me. By truly embracing this part of myself I will be unfazed by the heat and intensity of what is to come, if anything I will learn to preside over it and use it at will.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Three of Swords. Well. That's thrown me off. Hello to you, stalker card. I audibly let out a slow and disappointed 'whaaaaat?' as my own heart sinks into my feet. This is NOT what I wanted to see in this position. How can this be? When the rest of our interview was going to well and resonating so strongly with me? The phrase that comes to mind when I see this card come forward is 'scarred but not bleeding', hurt by the betrayal and feelings of heartbreak, but alive. What could this mean? I look for anything that stands out to me and right away I notice the colour red. Again the Arien in me is intrigued; weren't the apples in the initiate card red? Didn't I notice those first to begin with at the start of this journey? Perhaps my expectations of this deck will disappoint me? Our working relationship will bring heartache, pain, and feelings of abandonment? No. I refuse to believe that. After all, the tarot is a tool for healing. Maybe this is not what it seems as is often the case in life.
The release of hurt and pain. I can heal my scars. King Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, and I pull the swords from my heart and lift the burdens I've been carrying for so long. My heart is still telling me this deck has something to offer me... although I don't want to end up estranged from it! Maybe that means it's only here for a short time? That word... 'estrangement'. It will only suit me for now, to find my inner witch. But after that, it's purpose will have been fulfilled.

I pull one more card to fill the space in the centre of my interview spread: who are you?

Three of Cups - A strong trait I notice in this interview is how feminine it is! The Three of Cups is three woman standing close by one another holding up three silver cups to the sky. They're celebrating a successful autumn harvest. Water is emotional, fluid, and is the opposing element to my fire. I need both to form a balance. This deck is all about friendship, giving back, beauty, joy, abundance, and emotional depth.

And so begins my studies at the Mandrake Academy!

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