Saturday, 21 November 2015

In love with the Lenormand

Today during class, which I actually remembered to attend, we were introduced to the Lenormand deck. Now this type of deck is renowned for being tricky, and before today I actually had no idea what it even was other than it was used for divination the same way I use tarot. I assumed they were similar but I was SO wrong. One thing that was mentioned very early in the class was to leave intuition at the door! That isn't easy to do when you've learnt tarot, and spent a long time doing so I might add! The tarot relies on intuition to be used as a tool whereas the Lenormand is literal.
What you see is what you get in a sense. Literally literal! Now that isn't to say they're easier to interpret, I can't say that as I've not used a deck before, but from what I learnt today alone it's a whole other bucket of fish. Did I mention how literal it is? There isn't much room for speculation and I believe the phrase 'be careful what you wish for' comes into play VERY heavily when using these cards. Now I'm more eager than ever to get my hands on them, The Gilded Reverie has caught my eye (it's sparkly... need I say more), but as the symbolism and images are universal to all Lenormand decks I've instead decided to design one of my own. That's neither here nor there at the moment... my point is that my fabulous teacher Eric, and Kirsten, our resident Lenormand expert, have opened up another chapter in spiritual exploration I absolutely must know more about. My list grows longer with every class! I've barely touched the surface of astrology and my natal birth chart yet. The Arien in me is jumping up and down delightedly with all these new aspects of study to absorb. If any of my fellow classmates are reading right now I'd love to know what you thought of today? If you've been bitten by the word and smitten with the deck, by all mean let me know so we can jump and down delightedly together!

Did I mention that I recently found my natal birth chart? It's incredible to see your life, your personality, your ability (or not) to get along with others, your relationships both past and present, and your future laid out before you in the planets and stars. I keep going back to my chart and wondering how people can be so skeptical about astrology when the accuracy is so breathtakingly astounding. Information about our generation's future, every aspect of my inner and outer self, how I perceive myself and how others perceive me, lessons to learn, things to overcome, and my overall purpose in this life just there before me. I teared up a little then went to share my joy with my husband, who then asked for his, and then he teared up as well. It's such a comfort to know that you are the way you are on purpose, and that in the grand scheme of the universe you matter, and the universe understands and accepts you. You're perfect!

Whilst listening and learning I was also crocheting. I have to keep my hands busy, I can't seem to sit still! I made myself yet another tarot pouch, and NO I can't have too many, and yes it is purple. Well it had to match Shadowscapes of course! I'm particularly pleased with myself as it is quite lovely *puffs up with pride and a teeny bit of egotistical charm*. The beautiful little clear quartz hemp key chain was the perfect final touch. That I didn't make, it's from Jen's Dark Delights and she does indeed make such beautiful delights.
Also fresh  off my hook this week is this teal pouch to keep my Rider-Waite Smith deck in made with Bendigo Woollen Mills pure wool. I told you I was obsessed with pouches.
I'd crochet myself a pouch to hop inside if I thought I had the time. Now there's an idea...

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