Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Angel aura and opalite wand

 Not really much of a blog post tonight, just a whole lot of photos to show off my new shiny. This beautiful angel aura and opalite wire wrap wand came from a yummy little Australian Etsy boutique. I'm drawn to silver, pearls, anything rainbow, white crystals, diamond-like things (and real diamonds), and glittery things so I was basically powerless to resist as I perused for pretties! Angel aura is used in crystal healing and in aiding with connecting to our angels. When used during meditation it can bring you peace and serenity, can be used to assist astral travel, and intensely heightens our connection to our spirit guide, and can help unearth our past lives and ancestry. It also helps to ward off anxiety and panic attacks, and is generally loving and gentle. I held it in my hands and felt such a strong connection, and straight away fell in love. I hope you'll enjoy its beauty as much as I do Xx

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