Thursday, 10 December 2015

Crafty friend adventures part one

Today we got our craft on! I found a friend who likes to do crafty things like me. Hooray!! WE SHALL MAKE ALL THE THINGS! Peppa Pig was on TV for the littlies who weren't interested in watching it, and the baby insisted on being held for the most part but we did try and make stuff. So what are we making here? Well, Jaimie is making a giant Christmas light glitter ball with plastic cups (and doing battle with a stapler in the process, probably getting RSI, and realising her ball is going to be MUCH bigger than anticipated), and I am gluing tissue paper and cotton twine to half a balloon to make a lamp shade. After thinking about it, I realised I didn't actually have a lamp. So now I'm going to have to buy a lamp... or just stuff it full of string lights and sit it on my desk. First I'll have to see if it survives the drying process and being removed from the balloon *bites fingernails nervously* The kiddies needed naps after about two hours but it was a good excuse to stuff our faces with caramel slice, drink coffee and chat. Otherwise I'd just have been stuffing my own face with caramel slice and drinking coffee by myself. And the finished products? Well you'll have to wait for crafty friend adventures part two!
Tash Xx

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