Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sweet and sexy gingerbread.

What started as an innocent gingerbread decorating session with a friend soon turned into this...
Here is Sonia popping her piping bag cherry! 
"Should we give them boobs? No, that's immature" *cast glances at one another before the giggles break out* "Let's give them boobs"
What started out as some basic decorating soon turned into creating debauch, spicy and somewhat naughty ladies  

This one will give me nightmares. I tried drawing a face on with writing chocolate but it all went horribly, horribly wrong!! 

Oh my! 
"What ARE you??"
It all ended in a slightly disturbing and macabre way...That poor dismembered gingerbread was promptly eaten to end his suffering. 

We aren't sorry. We had lots of giggles this afternoon and it basically just reaffirmed that there are people in the world as strange and unusual as myself. In the best possible way!

And here is the delish gingerbread recipe that I use every year. I got two notes of appreciation from hubby's work for the batch I sent in on Monday this week, if that's anything to go by! NOTE: I now add two tablespoons of ground ginger because I love that spicy taste. The royal icing is actually made from the Sweetopia recipe (it dries so hard you could sculpt with it!) which you can find by following this link: Royal Icing Recipe




  1. Sooo much fun was had! Thanks for popping my cherry! Hehe

    1. Anytime, sunshine! ;) I can see more baking adventures in our future

    2. If you want to, I can teach you how to build gingerbread houses When you get back after the 16th!


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