Thursday, 24 December 2015

The accidentally-sage-infused tea pot cozy

 I have had this pattern for two years and typical me leaves it until Christmas Eve to make it up, finish it and blog it before Christmas slips away for another year (and they are slipping by faster and faster aren't they?). This is my accidentally-sage-infused tea pot Christmas pudding cozy; it smells very strongly of white sage oil and I'll tell you why. I started this about two months ago with the intention of using it on our teapot as a decoration (and to keep our tea cozy) but then it was promptly forgotten about and lay unfinished and in pieces on my desk. As I was tidying in my zen room yesterday I found it again and set it as a goal to complete before Christmas day. But I noticed that one of the yarn tails was trailing off into the top of my oil burner which was filled with white sage oil. The burner was bone dry as the oil had soaked down the yarn tail and into my crocheted pudding pieces thus infusing my cozy with a calm and cleansing scent. And now I have an accidentally-sage-infused tea pot cozy. I could wash it, but it smells nice. And hey, now I'll have both the tea AND the sage to clear my thoughts. Win win, right?

From myself and my family I hope you have a beautifully festive and food filled Christmas!!

Tash Xxx

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