Monday, 28 December 2015

Your oracle cards revealed!

Using the Vintage Wisdom deck this week. 

Card One 
This card is asking you to take time to find a quiet sanctuary within yourself and face what is bothering you, so that you may accept it and in turn free yourself from any negative thought processes. If something continues to be difficult for you it is because you aren't honestly facing the issue so you that you can resolve it and find a calm balance once again. 

Card Two 
Patience is something we learn and relearn throughout life, nomatter what our age, because we are constantly faced with situations that require us to stop and simply wait. Perhaps you are rushing ahead of yourself right now? Perhaps you are wanting something that is not yet here, and need to slow yourself down and enjoy the process. Your treat will come in good time when it is meant to, or when you have properly earned it. No sense stomping your feet, channel the energy into being productive.

Card Three 
New Beginnings 
On the brink of 2016, a new beginning awaits! Unburdened by the past and with nothing to hide you shall see yourself soaring into a beautiful new world. The seeds of change have been planted, change is upon you. You may find yourself feeling nurtured and accepted, loved and free. Now is a good time to break the old habits and let yourself go. 


  1. oooohhhh I had felt that three was for me when you shared it on your Facebook page and now that I see this it certainly feels like I was right. Though I must say it was the lovely crystal that drew me to that card more than anything. Sending lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way lovely lady xx

    1. There we are, see! It was meant to be :)


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