Sunday, 10 January 2016

Balancing the Elements

Today I'm blogging the Elemental Spread I pulled for myself. The spread itself is by Beth of Little Red Tarot. I pulled this spread because the Mercury Retrograde has got me feeling out of whack with myself, then there's the New Moon in Capricorn coming into play and I'm generally feeling out of sorts. I needed to see what elements are in need of balancing within myself right now so that I may clear my head and focus on the changes with the right intentions under the new moon. I want to start this moon phase off on the right foot, and now is the perfect time for clearing out the old and releasing. I'm looking forward to writing down all the bollocks of last year and burning them under a dark moon tonight. Good riddance!

In the central place of myself right now, my situation, I have drawn Temperance. I see this as a calming and reassuring card right away, my elements are indeed out of whack! Temperance is a careful balance of the elements fire and water to work together in peaceful harmony. Typically fire and water extinguish one another so the alchemy of making them work together is a fine art. The two forces can be so equally destructive; the importance of bringing these two mighty forces together to work toward one purpose is needed here. The other cards in this spread will help me to understand how to do this.
In the place of 'Earth' I have drawn the Eight of Wands. I see the wands suit to be quite earthy even
though it is the element of fire. The wands are depicted as branches and wooden staffs which had to have been grown from the Earth. These elements together provide fuel for one another and also stability. My Earth element is missing that ambition to make the change. Fire is necessary in nature to clear away the old in order for the new to grow. I know now to set the Earthly intention of bettering my own physical body, and my worldly surrounds, and my goals will be sent out into the wind to seek reward. It takes the first spark of an idea to set the wheels in motion. Now is the time to set that idea alight and take root. Just in time for the New Moon! A time of intention setting and working steadily toward our goals. It probably wouldn't hurt to go stick my feet in the dirt outside for a while, either.

In the place of 'Water' I have drawn another wand card. More Fire. Perhaps my emotional side is being outweighed by my ambitions right now. The careful alchemy is what is out of whack after all. The Four of Wands is a card of such high energy, perhaps I have been too much 'go, go, go' and not paying enough heed to my emotional care. Bringing in a little water to cool my heels would do me good! You know what, I have been trying to do too much lately. It's only Day 10 of the new year and whilst I have been making good progress into my goals, I've been feeling very much like I have to do them all at once and get them all done NOW. This in turn has been taking its toll on me emotionally, I'm starting to feel strung out and out of touch with myself and my little world.

In the place of 'Air' I have drawn the Five of Pentacles. Hmm. Interesting. Air is the element of
mentality...our thoughtful beings. The elements are very much overlapping here. The Five of Pentacles has always seemed more of an emotional card to me, but then it's not only in the heart that we feel emotion. Our mind must play a part too. I've been neglecting my body, and so my head is being affected. Yup. I feel that completely!! I know this. This card tells me that I know this. But I'm stopping myself in some way from shaking off the dust and doing what my body is screaming out needs to be done. A.k.a: get off butt, do healthy shit.

Lastly, in the place of the 'Fire' element I have drawn a major arcana card: The Hermit. My desire to learn has taken me to a new level of understanding. I believe it was the fire in me that led me to this place of knowledge. This element of me is at a place of peaceful tranquility at the moment. I may have too much fire in other areas of my being, but my inspiration, creative drive, my ambitions, have served me well in finding what I set out to seek. That sounds like a win to me!

I do like this spread, I can see myself using it further in the future. We as human beings will never be in perfect balance with ourselves, but it is human to try and seek that level of peace. It is not about reaching the top of the mountain, but the journey we take to get there.

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