Monday, 4 January 2016

Hi, my name is Tash and I'm addicted to stationery

Sorry in advance for the language, I've been watching too many Sam and Mickey Barbie parodies. And I'm tired. Always tired. *sigh*

How did that get there??
A big pile of stationery just appeared on my desk....whoops! It's not a problem, it's really really not... you see technically it's necessary school supplies! No, they are! I start a new video class tomorrow and I have my metaphysical practitioner course starting this month as well so it was all absolutely positively necessary. It was all half price anyway so no big deal *big grin* I NEEDED new Sharpies. And pretty coloured patterned notebooks, well, I had to have those. And aren't sticky notes and bluetack just part of daily life like underpants?
It's very exciting! I have a new tarot class starting tomorrow and my copy of the deck arrived today in the nick of time. It's so beautiful, I'm looking forward to learning more about it from its creator Eric Soto.

So what am I up today I hear you (not) ask.... Well since you (didn't) ask I'll tell you! I am making a pair of crocheted yoga socks because CROCHETED YOGA SOCKS!! I found a pin on Pinterest (amazing, right?) but that pattern was doing my head in so I thought fuck it, I'll make my own damn socks. I'm hoping that by making myself yoga socks I might actually start doing yoga, which has been my intention for, oh, 3 years now. It's not that hard, Tash. Get off butt, turn on Youtube yoga video... DO YOGA. Sheesh, self. Really?

There is a pattern in the making for these, but give me time. You know what I'm like, and I will be having them tested first so they make sense to other people besides myself. YOGA SOCKS.

Freaking yoga socks. I can make a pair for every day of the week.... oh my goddess... sorry that's all the blogging I have time for. I must go make YOGA SOCKS.

Sorry. Bit over excited ;-)

Tash X
My pretty bouquet of fake flowers in the corner of my zen room. Occasionally I see a stem in a colour I like, or my favourite flower and I add it to the vase. I can't kill these! Muwahaha! 
I drew up this month's moon phase chart to stick on the wall (see! Needed the blue tack to replace the tape). I start my metaphysical course on the 9th of January, the beginning three days of the new moon. This will serve as a quick reference for when to let things go, and when to bring things in to my life. 

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