Sunday, 24 January 2016

Homemade Bath Bombs

Number 76 on my 100 Things in 2016 list: Learn to make bath bombs 

I now have a jar of lovely smelling bath bombs stocked up and ready to use. The green and red ones were made using the CSIRO recipe which can be found HERE and the yellow ones are a Youtube recipe which I've included below. The CSIRO recipe uses fewer ingredients and make more of a fizz, the yellow ones give a more luxurious feel to the bath water. Give them both a try and see which you prefer :-) I scented mine with cucumber and green apple, wildberry, and tangerine and vanilla. They were a little messy to make but that's part of the fun!

Tips from Tash:
Add the oil component VERY slowly. Pretend you're making aioli. I think my ingredients started to activate because I added the liquid too fast during the mixing stage. This just meant they started to puff a little whilst drying but they still worked in the water.

I made mine using a silicone mold instead of making one big one but that's really up to you. They came out of the mold easily. Pack the powder in TIGHT like a tiger.

Less is more when it comes to colouring! And no, it won't stain your bathtub if you only add a couple of drops. I'm excited to try multicoloured ones next time!

Latex gloves, guys! Big kitchen rubber gloves were too clumsy when trying to pack the mixture into the mold. Use thin latex gloves and it'll make your life easier.

Master L taste tested the mixture thinking it was edible. He doesn't recommend that.

I'm not sure why I waited so long to do this, but I have now, and it's going to become a regular practice from now on. They smell great, moisturise your skin, and the epsom salts and bi carb have great natural health properties. Go for it! Do iiiiit. 


  1. These look so great and would make great presents, especially with a couple of handmade face washers. You are such an inspiration. There are so many things I want to go and do because of you

    1. Good idea! I couple of crocheted cotton washers or a bath puff would be perfect. I think you've just solved my 'what to make everyone this Christmas' problem! The 'C' word will come around again soon enough ;)
      I'm so pleased I inspire someone! I'm just happy to blog my random doings, but it really does mean a lot to hear I'm making someone else happy :)


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