Tuesday, 26 January 2016

I have a cunning plan

What to do in the event of the 'suckies' 

Have a shower. Feeling clean and shiny is a good way to perk oneself back up! Even if you do have to share the shower with two little people 

Have a smoothie. I've had mango, banana, and blueberry smoothies every day this past week and they are DELISH. 

Clean something. Decluttering makes me feel better. I'd really like to tackle the kitchen cupboards this week! Hold me to that one...

MUSIC! Either the loud doof-doof kind or my calm and gentle meditation music, I'll just go with what I feel! 

Dance around to aforementioned music! Maybe do the Macarena? 

Declare a 'NOPE' day when nothing works, and everything is beyond solving which, let's face it, does sometimes happen. It's better to let those days go than try and force your way against the current. 

Phone a friend! For $200, Bill! 

Repeat a mantra. I'm not sure which one will be my 'go to' this week, I thought I'd wait until tomorrow morning's oracle card and use that. 

Go outside. It's humid and blegh, but the fresh air and vitamin D will do you good, my dear. 

Remember that you are CAPABLE. That's my word of the year for a reason! 

This is how I plan to get through the first week of hubby being back at work. I need to get back into the swing of being alone with the two boys again; I know I'll settle back into the routine of it all but for the first few days it can be a bit sucky. So I have written down and framed what to do in the event of those moments when I feel like exploding or shrivelling into a ball and popped it on the loungeroom bookcase. I'd love to have been able to add yoga, meditation, or a bath to the list but maybe I'll keep those one for when my partner in crime is home and can give me a few moments peace. 

I am capable and I've been doing this for two years so there is no reason to start feeling nervous about it now :-) 

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