Monday, 25 January 2016

I wish I may, I wish I might

Transform under a full moon
and become the witch I know I am tonight. 

Somewhere deep within my heart,
where my darkest secrets lie, 
There is a wish kept locked away
Yearning, aching, burning 
as bright as the stars in the sky,

I feed this wish with passion, 
with fervor and with desire, 
all that remains to be done 
is to strike the flint and start the fire. 

To embrace all magick that I know to be true
to feel it hot within my blood, 
to reconnect with earth and sky, 
to sink my toes into the mud. 

To stand upon the precipice,
to feel the wind blow through my hair,
to hear the waves crash against the shore,
to taste salt in the warm sea air. 

To light a cleansing fire 
and in it throw my fears,
to dance around the forest floor,
feet bare, spirit free,
to let the flames dry up my tears. 

To give my thanks to mother moon, 
to goddess, maiden, crone, 
to love every living creature, 
to explore the great unknown. 

To invoke protection and the blessings 
that were lost from long ago,
To take back what it is to be woman, 
To trust in universal flow. 

There lies deep within us all this yearning to be released, 
and where centuries have passed and taught us instead to tame the beast, 
we will rise and stand again in strength, returning to the call,
for the choice to find our inner witch lies waiting within us all. 

A little poem ~ by Tash. 


  1. This is magnificent and beautiful! Thank you so much, it speaks to me so deeply! xxx

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer :) And thank you for leaving me a comment! It made me do a happy dance because now I know people are actually reading the things I write! :D


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