Sunday, 17 January 2016

Oracle Card Sunday

Your cards this week, my dearies! I'm sorry it's so late, the bathrooms needed a clean and the kids were finally in bed for me to do them. Fun stuff! I did just discover the miracle of mixing white vinegar and dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle for shower soap scum!! Fucking AMAZING! No scrubbing required! Yup. Domestic goddess right here. *wink* 

(Not really, I only do housework if it's absolutely necessary. Who has time for housework?!)

If your card sang to you today, pay careful attention to what it is saying. When setting your intentions for the week think about what it is you want for yourself and how you can add in the wisdom of your oracle card. 

Card One
'Inner Truths' 
Crystal: Girasol Quartz
If you've been introspective lately, you'll probably have noticed that there is more depth to your feelings and the way you perceive the world than you initially expected. This is great! You've started on your way to unlocking those inner secrets and discovering what makes you tick. The next stage of your journey is about to reveal itself to you so it's important you keep yourself open to new opportunities as they arise. You have the wisdom and intuition inside you, waiting to guide you. Do the work necessary in finding your deepest desires and let them lead you on. Girasol Quartz helps with calming and relaxation, and brings a balance to your emotions to increase your control over impulsive decisions. It can also amplify your ability to be thoughtful and truly focus on your life. The perfect pair, yes?  

Card Two 
'Open Your Heart' 
Crystal: Smokey Quartz 
All you need is love! *da da da da da* All you need is love, love. Love is all you need! 
A love that does not place any expectations, makes no demands, and does not pace limits or conditions on us. You must allow this deepest type of love to flow to your heart, so work on releasing those blockages dear one! This kind of eternal love is what gets us through the hard times, and is what lifts us up to that level of complete happiness. Smokey Quartz is very protective and grounding. It should help you feel steady and rooted to the Earth. The excellent thing about this particular stone is that helps release all the nasties like jealousy, fear, and anger. Carry some to feel connected to the Earth, and to help wash away those roadblocks stopping that loving feeling from rushing in. 

Card Three
'Let Love Be Your Beacon' 
Rainbow Moon Stone 
Another one focused on love this week! What's love got to do, got to do with it? Sorry... earworms are all over the place tonight ;) 
Entering a new situation soon? A new work place? A tense situation perhaps? If you find yourself feeling stuck, anxious, nervous, try visualising the whole space filling with bright beautiful love-filled light. See it engulfing everybody, yourself included. Breathe this light in and it will radiate forth from you, giving you a new perspective and offering new approaches to you. You may need to see things with new eyes to learn something new, or to accept what is going on around you. 
Rainbow Moon Stone is a truly feminine stone. A 'goddess' stone. It can bring about joyful coincidence and serendipity, It will help you recognise and embrace your inner power. 

There... did that help? :) I hope so!
Tonight I'm actually working on a really thick, super bobbly bath mat with all my 'meh' yarn that doesn't make me feel buoyant or indeed any joy at all. I don't even know why I have it, but I can't just throw it out and we DO need a nice big family sized bathmat. See a need, fill a need, right? This week also brings the last week of my husband's holidays before work starts again. I've been sick literally this whole time and we've done hardly anything, and now with only a week to go we are going to try and cram it all in!! As you do! And as you must. 

I'm going to get back to hookin' because I really want these yarn scraps out of my hair. 

Tash Xx

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