Monday, 11 January 2016

Releasing 2015

I'm very new to the whole moon phase and what it means when it's where in the sky thing but it's got me totally hooked and I'm learning along the way. Anyway, today is the day of the dark, or new moon. I did a bit of research (and by research I mean reading what the knowledgeable folk I follow on Instagram were posting about this particular time) and read about creating an altar for manifesting and to give thanks to the moon. Although new to the specifics I am very aware of the moon's influence in my life and I certainly feel the effects of planetary movements, such as the ever-dreaded Mercury Retrograde. Epic communication issues and I ALWAYS experience some kind of electronic failure. Right now for example I am typing this up on Notepad because my internet is down again for the millionth time since Merc Retro hit. Every. Freaking. Time. But it could be much worse, so let's just touch wood to be on the safe side. (Obviously if you're reading this the Internet Gods have decided to grant me connection again. All hail internet Gods!)

Back to the point: I have been reading about how now is a nice time to let shit go. A time all about releasing what needs releasing, reconnecting with yourself and the way you operate, re-envisioning where you are in life and on your spiritual journey, and basically a whole lot of other things beginning with 're'. So, tonight, I am setting up a little moon altar, taking out some clear quartz, blue lace agate, girasol, and moon stone, as well as a white candle and incense and burn, baby, burning some evil little feelings and events of the past year. I would also like to honour the new moon in Capricorn and set my good intentions to study this coming month, what with my Moondaughter's Metaphysical Practitioner Course starting soon. I hear tell (again, Instagram...thanks guys!) that the moon in Capricorn is all about seeing the fun side in things but working steadily toward a goal, and not taking life too seriously. We should never take life too seriously anyway, none of us are getting out of it alive! Ha. As it turns out I also have Capricorn in my natal chart; Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Apparently having Saturn in Capricorn makes me logical and able to carry things out through to the end... I hope that's a good sign when it comes to my upcoming qualification because I'm actually not very good at that at all!

Oh! Internet popped back... hang on, swapping to blogger...

Hoorah! Here I am.

Ok. So here's where the crafty part comes into play. I found some discounted silver, the moon likes silver, glittery ex-Christmas candles that I'm going to re-purpose (another 're' word, see?) into Moon Candles. I did try to find some black pillar candles for the dark moon phase but had no luck, I'm sure Miss. Moon won't mind too much. I also picked up some stick on pearls, some pieces of shell that had been turned into beads, some little Moon tarot card pendants, and a little jewellery wire. I have an image in my head of what I'd like to create, let's see if I can make it a reality!

So I'll meander off the interwebs and take my crafty spoils up to my zen room and see what I can come up with. For Sparta! And for glory!

*dramatic end theme overture*

P.s I've recently started watching Poldark... in the first episode, Great Granny used a REALLY beautiful 1700's tarot deck to forecast the outcome of a marriage. Total fist pump moment when she laid them out and my interpretation was much the same as hers. Whoop!

Ok, I'm out.
Tash Xx

P.p.s ARRRRRG, now the net has dropped out again and I can't publish my darn post. Grumble, grumble.

P.p.p.s Now it's back... hitting 'publish' FAST!

P.p.p.p.s By the time I got internet back again I'd already my releasing ceremony so I'm going to share my candle with you and let you know that my meditation under the stars was magical in every possible way! As if I didn't feel the amazing vibes enough as it was, just as my candle blew out in the wind, I saw a beautiful shooting star in the very spot I was watching in the inky dark sky. I honestly have never felt so light of spirit as I do right now.

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