Friday, 5 February 2016

January in review

I debated whether or not to write a post this fortnight. I've had a terrible past two months sickness-wise; it just feels like it's neverending and it's taken its toll on me mentally, emotionally, and physically. It has felt like one thing after another because that's exactly what has been happening. Unfortunately my immune system is so run down at the moment that I've been catching every little viral thing that passes my way. Currently on the menu is flu, as the CDC was kind enough to call and confirm for me this week. It's bollocks. Utter bollocks. Now my two year old has a fever and is under the weather and I'm just hoping he avoids the worst of it. We, the children and I, actually fly out of Darwin next Tuesday and are heading down to visit mum and dad for a while. I'm not sure for how long at this stage, but we just need the break away. I'm excited for my family to finally meet Bryce!!

I should still write about my January despite feeling like poop now, the first month of 2016 and the first month having a Leonie Dawson planner in my life, because aside from being perpetually ill I've actually achieved quite a bit! You'll notice there are four colouring pages completed; one each week as planned. My little crystal collection expanded (sunstone, girasol, amazonite, rainbow moonstone and obsidian to name a few), I started a nice big family sized chunky bobbly bath mat with my random coloured balls of yarn, I added to my stationery stash, I have begun a crochet popcorn flower cushion cover with some beautiful seaside themed coloured cotton, I learnt how to make a dreamcatcher which you can check out HERE, I finished the Little Red Tarot Alternative Tarot Course in preparation for beginning the Moondaughter Metaphysical Practitioner course this month (and again, thank you Nichole, for hooking me up with that amazing half price sale!!). I wrote and published a crochet yoga sock pattern to the pattern (HERE if you want a squiz), I decluttered 80% of the house, and I joined Eric and my classmates in a couple SotoTarot classes live which was a nice change. I stopped biting my nails, I replied to my Penpal (Hi Lena!), I printed off photos of the boys and made a beautiful photo book which I'd been wanting to do for months, I studied French on Duolingo nearly every day of January, I made a heart garland for a Shining Biz and Life friend, I learnt how to make bath bombs, I created a tarot spread and wrote out the bones of my tarot ethics for Inner Magic Tarot, and last of all I designed the tattoo I'd like to get this year.
 Busy month! And productive :) Might I say how absolutely incredible it is to actually write down the things you want to achieve! It keeps those things present in your mind, and they become easy to accomplish when you pop them into your planner. I wasn't too sure I'd like the planner when I first flipped through it but now that I'm using it, have filled it with ridiculously adorable stickers, and have scribbled all through it in multi-coloured Sharpie, I absolutely cannot be without it.

 That was possibly the biggest thing I learnt over the month of January - I do not need to do everything at once. Goals are easy to achieve when you plan for them and break them down and can be worked toward a little at a time. That concept is generally unknown to my Aries nature, but the tiny bit of Taurus in me was coaxed into being allowed to take over and we took it a bit slower than we normally do. Except you know what I didn't do this month? I didn't reward myself for completing what I'd set out to at the beginning! Tut-tut-tut. I guess that means double rewards next month, right? OH YEAH!

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