Thursday, 31 March 2016

Free Moon Chart Printable Thingie

I don't have much to write about right now, I'm not really in much of a mood for writing anyway. I do want to share this with you, though. It's a moon chart I whipped up this evening using the little paintings I did today. I'm particularly pleased with myself for creating my own little png clipart doodads and really just wanted to use them on something... so voila! You can download it via Dropbox HERE if you like. Any troubles with it let me know. That's it! That's all I have for now.
Toodles x

Monday, 28 March 2016

It starts with Pokemon

This weekend we introduced Master L to Pokemon. Turns out it's all available to watch free online so we started from episode one and it's still just as awesome as it was then! So good!! And more adult jokes involved than what I picked up on when younger. Jessie and James are actually quite an endearing couple of 'bad guys'. Once I started watching it again I felt super inspired to draw some Pokemon. I started with an Oddish, then a Caterpie who is slightly disproportionate, a Vulpix, and then a Togepi. It's totally addictive and I'm fairly sure I know what I'm going to be doing with my week now. 

Yes that's a toad. It must have come inside during the night and I woke up to it squeaking in the corner. YUCK. My dog is now fired as protector of the household. I dyed the tips of my hair purple because hey why not! My mandala crystal pouch has been tied to my handbag (ocean jasper in there at the moment), and I'm into week four of Lunar Flow. So far things are going along, not quickly, but going along. I've been here longer than I expected or wanted to be. I need to get out of here and have a plan in place soon or I risk falling into my dark place again. I had so much enthusiasm a month ago but now it seems like everything has been on pause for too long and I'm regaining the feeling of helplessness. Before too long I know the powers that be will want to know why the paperwork isn't in yet and they will make the decision for me whether I'm ready to move or not. Andrew, if you're reading this I don't want to make you feel pressured, but I'm scared of what may come very soon if we don't find a way to make this work.

I'm trying to push through my days but this house and this environment make me feel like shit. I've tried so hard to keep my positivity up and trust that everything will happen in Divine time, but I feel so lost and I don't want to feel this way. I'm losing grasp of my situation, I'm losing the willpower to get through it all and come out the other side, and I'm losing confidence in myself to be capable as a single mum. A few weeks ago there was such a great fire of determination within me and it's slowly simmering down and I'm in danger of having fear snuff it out entirely. This was so much easier when I had family to support me in person, telling me I could do this. Now I feel so far away and so detached I just don't know what to do.

My goals are all over the place, what I want is getting muddled up with what I need, I'm taking less responsibility around the house and causing myself stress because I'm not organised. I'm not ungrateful to the Universe for this, if I'm still here there must still be a lesson to be learnt or it's just not the right time yet. I wish though that I could have some kind of sign to let me know the cogs are still turning. A little spark of hope, a sign of momentum, something encouraging to help me strengthen my resolve.

The cards? Oh that's a Mind, Body and Spirit reading. I wanted to use this highly intuitive time to delve inward and test the power of this waning moon over divination. I've discovered that I wax during the wane and wane during the wax, but my full moon and new moon powers remain the same.  Pulling the High Priestess in the place of 'Mind' was such a strong message. She's all about psychic wisdom and mystery. Ever since reading Secrets of the Moon by Patsy Bennett,, finding my true North Node and since the full moon I've felt highly in tune with myself. I'm exploring another realm. Learning to acknowledge the shadows is my focus over this phase; something is still hidden within and I want to know what it is. I feel it's something big and to discover it and bring it to light will bring about a big revelation.
Temperance, a message from the body? I don't think any other card could have given a clearer message! I've been a bit excessive on the unhealthy stuff, food and movement (lack of) wise and now is the time to practice some restraint and and moderation. Yes I know, over Easter! I'll find a new sense of balance though, and I already know that I've been working on this with the practice of Yin yoga and my recent turn to vegetarianism. Ace of Cups fell out in this position as well, and I believe it's telling me that my changes are good ones, this new journey will be a good one and I'm an emotional cup ready for the filling! Hopefully with lots of happy. It did fall out in reverse but I haven't felt like The Wild Unknown wants itself to be read that way, and I don't feel it's right either.
From the spirit, my spirit, The Emperor. A word that replays itself over and over as I looked at this card was 'steadfast'. My spirit needed reminded that I am decisive and stable and rooted to the Earth. Within me is the ability to think clearly, to make decisions and to make actions. I have been feeling unsteady as I talked about already in this post and unsure as a mother. I really do need to trust that when the time comes I will be able to stand as tall and strong and I will know what to do.

I haven't read the cards in so long. Not properly or seriously anyway because I was worried I'd be too out of touch. But I did it when the urge came to me instead of avoiding it and I'm glad that I did. The messages were clear and my intuition was vibrant and sharp. It's reconnected me with my guides I think, they probably breathed a sigh of relief when I finally laid down my velvet cloth and lit the candle. I did too :-)

Friday, 25 March 2016

Crystal Mandala Medicine Bag

Crystal Mandala Medicine Bag
 Crochet Pattern 
Another 'Of Crochet and Life' creation! 

You'll be needing:
3.5mm hook
worsted weight cotton (4ply, if using 8ply you may want to use a larger hook) 
a button or bead 
mad crochet skillz 

Make two identical circles following this pattern, you will be working in rounds ending each round with a slip stitch. 

Round 1: ch 2, sc 7 into first chain. 
Round 2: Join new colour, ch 1, sc 2 into same sp. 2 sc in each st around (14)

Round 3: Join new colour, ch 1, sc 1 into same sp *2 sc in next st, 1 in next* around (21)
Round 4: Join new colour, ch 1, sc 1 into same sp, 1 sc in next *2 in next st, 1 sc in next 2 sts* (28)
Round 5: Join new colour, ch 1, sc 1 into same sp 1 sc in next 2 sts *2 in next, 1 sc in next 3 sts* (35)
Couldn't be fucked sewing in the ends, it'll be on the inside anyway *wink*
You'll notice they're getting a little hexagonal-shaped, so match the two pieces up right sides on the outside and clip them together (optional, live dangerously and don't clip if you like). Just easier to hold those two suckers together while marking stitches and what not. Decide which 'side' of the circle you want at the top and find the middle most stitch. Count 5 stitches either side of it and place stitch markers through both sides. 

Round 6: Join new colour in left stitch marker in the back loops of BOTH sides, ch 1, sc 1 same space, ch 1. *sc, ch 1*  in each st around to the other marker. 

Right... still with me? Does yours look like the picture? Great! Moving on...

Making the flap 
Now take your next colour and turning your little mandala pouch around, join your yarn to the right side of the opening (just along the back half though, you wanna keep the opening open).
Row 1: Sc across, fasten off (10 sts)
Row 2: Join new colour where you finished off the last round, ch 1. sc2tog over same st as joining and next st, sc across remaining 8 sts. 
Row 3: Join new colour where you left off, ch 1, sc2tog across first sts, sc in remaining 7 sts. 
Row 4: Join new colour again where you left off, ch 1, sc2tog across first 2 sts, sc in remaining 6 sts.
Row 5: Join new colour, ch 1, sc2tog, sc across 5.
Row 6: Join new colour, ch 1, sc across 5 sts, fasten off. You've got this (see below!) so far, yeah? 

You now have a bazillion ends to sew in; ends that you can't just tie knots in and tie off because those suckers are on the outside MUWAHAHAHA 

Righto, rejoin your outer colour to the right side of the joining round (see giant arrow)
We're going to sc, ch 1 around our flap. You'll *sc, ch 1* in every stitch up the side for a total of 7 sts  (1 sc in each colour row up the side to the corner)

When you reach the corner, make 1 more sc in the same space. Sc 1 in next st and make a chain to go around your button. Have a fiddle with the length to get it right before closing the loop with a sl st in the first chain made. I've made a chain of 8 for my little wooden button.

Sc in next 2 sts, ch 1, then in corner sc, ch 1, sc, then work your way back down the other side finishing with a sl st in the same outer colour. How's it looking? Yeah I know, ends everywhere. I'm a sew 'em all in at the end kind of gal. 

Fabuloso! Now sew in all those little ends, stitch on your button and we'll do the last step.

Cut 12 strands of the same colours you used for the pouch, about a metre long. Holding the bunch of threads together pull between two stitches at the top of the pouch and even them up, then tie a knot close to the base. 

Divide your strands into two halves. Divide one half into three sections and make a tight plait until you are about 1-2 inches from the end then tie it off. Repeat on the other side. 

Now you you add any extra embellishments you'd like and can either tie it on as a necklace, hang it up somewhere, tie it inside your handbag to keep your crystal buddy safely in wherever you go. I hope you enjoyed my pattern, leave me a comment if you did! Have a play around with colour combos, I think it'd be beautiful in lovely earthy tones or in black and white! I'm using up my jewel coloured Schjeepes catona colour pack and the quality is just so lovely to work with so I'm sticking with my brights for the time being.

Enjoy, my dears!

*please do not copy any or all of this pattern and use it elsewhere, or sell this pattern in any way* If you'd like to put it on your own site, please either ask first or use a link rather than copying the pattern. I can't keep making these for free if you hoo-man beans aren't going to play fair :) 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Mother Moon

With the smell of sage intermingled with smoke in the humid Darwin night,
the Lady Luna rose above and filled my heart with light. 
She rose up round and silver, beautiful and old, 
and with her came the magic that shone glittering and bold. 

With her she bought the Mother Moon, wiser, and mature, 
So softly sank the maiden as she felt herself be lured. 
The world was somehow quieter, reflective, soft and clear, 
inviting primal instinct and dispelling all the fear. 

I dropped my piece of amethyst into my bowl of water
and watched the reflection of the moon ripple, swirl and falter. 
I gazed upon that bowl of light and was reminded as it is so
that everything here on Earth is reflected 
'As above, so below'.

It took me to the headland where I sat in a gentle breeze
underneath the pine trees with grass stains on my knees. 
The smell of salt was heady, in that all too familiar place
I stared out into the night into the vast and dazzling space. 
For the moon's light fell and shimmered out there on the sea,
and I heard the waves come crashing and felt centered and serene. 
There is nothing that sets my heart a-flutter 
quite like the moon over the ocean blue, 
my mind I let it wander and then suddenly I knew. 

This vision so dreamy and vivid was a reminder of my goal, 
I wanted to be home again with all of my heart and soul. 
The amethyst has helped me see my intention and unveiled it in the night;
I fear that it was becoming lost and I was giving up the fight. 
I sipped from that bowl of water and felt the moon glow fill me up,
her energy and power refilling my empty cup. 
I dabbed some over my warm skin, then poured the rest into the grass, 
and said a little blessing giving it back to the Earth, 
my meditation over and my heart at peace at last. 

So thank you, Mother Moon, for helping me find my way, 
if it weren't for the damn mosquitoes I'd have happily had stayed. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The concept of happy

I said things contrary to what my intuition was telling me last night. I don't want to portray myself as a victim anymore. I don't know why I put myself down like that, I regret it now. I'm so aware that my thoughts and words have strength beyond measure. Immediately I felt my vibrational shift and I didn't like it, not when I've worked so hard. I realise now that I said those things to make myself appear vulnerable to another person possibly because I was angling for a certain action or response. I don't ever want to lessen myself for the sake of someone else, not ever! Why would I put my heart and soul into strengthening my intuitive voice only to ignore it. 

Anyway one situation does not mean that my foundations come crumbling down. I feel like it's a lesson and I will take away from it this: 

"How are we truly able to know the strength of our resolve until it has been tested" 

It's all well and good to say we feel something, or are going to do something but until we actually go through with our promises to ourselves and put ourselves to the test how can we know if we've succeeded? 

Today I want to focus on lifting my Universal vibration and lifting my mood. It's obvious I still feel self doubt and that's ok, that's human, but I can't allow it to take too firm of a grip. Now now. Not today. Doubt can't shake down my foundations but it has the capabilities to do so if too much energy is put into it. 
I am worthy of joy. 

I'm beginning to understand the concept of positivity. It's more than the desire to be happy (although that is a step in the right direction) it's the act of feeling it deep within and letting it radiate out into the things we do and say. It's having the courage to face the demons, to dredge up the gunky stuff, and to acknowledge ourselves as we really are, and then being totally and utterly ok with that. 

Is this what it is means to be true to yourself? 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Unearthing my relationship with money ~ Decluttering

When decluttering this week do not think that because you spent money on something previously, but you no longer like it or you no longer have a use for it, that you should feel guilty for getting rid of it. Use this formula and this formula alone:
"If it does not bring you joy get rid of it!" Thank you Marie Kondo! 
That's it. Now you might think 'but it used to bring me happiness'. Think about that, did it REALLY bring you joy and make you want to incorporate it into your life OR did you simply enjoy or seek out an excuse to spend money, even on an item that didn't really speak to you? You must try to identify the difference and then go on to further explore why you feel that need to simply spend in the first place. There will be a reason or two behind it.

Another thing to keep in mind when decluttering this week: Do not adopt the mindset that everything is replaceable. That defeats the purpose to begin with, and that is to create a space that is comforting and joyful and fuels your creativity with negativity lurking in the corner in the form of a pile of stuff, or the pile of crap feelings you get every time you think about that pile of stuff. Go back to the formula and apply it to whatever it is and make your decision based on that and that alone. Be rid of all that no longer serves you, either practically or on a metaphysical level. End of story!

It's your life! Curate it how you'd like.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Creative Vibes of Goodness

With the waxing moon being in Aries for two days this week I have just been in my element! My creativity bone has been getting the workout of its life and the more I do, the more I want to do! The releasing ceremony I performed on the new moon recently helped me to let go of some of the things I'd been holding on to, some of those things had been holding me back, and now that I've forgiven myself and reminded myself that I am worthy of joy I feel more capable to take on the world. I have a lot of acknowledging and releasing work to do but I know with the help of my crystal buddies, having Lady Luna on my side, and my spirit guides who reassure and guide me through use of the Tarot I'm going to be ok. I read in Get Rich, Lucky Bitch (if you haven't read it you really need to get your sweet ass onto ordering a copy pronto) that happiness affects us at a deeply cellular level and that the thoughts we have and the things we tell ourselves can alter our physical beings as well as our mental for better or for worse. You will find your vibrational match in the Universe whether that be a high vibe or a low one and it all depends on you. I know that habits are hard to break, believe me, I have YEARS worth of self-sabotaging thought processes to challenge and work through, but little by little you start to make changes and consequently little by little your world will change with you. It's like the plant theory... if you play a plant gentle soothing music it will grow at a faster rate than one you yell at and abuse. I'm sure you've heard of that one, right? 

So here I am! Committed to changing my world. It's already looking brighter and more beautiful, and in turn I am feeling brighter and more beautiful on the inside. 

I intend to keep on flexing my creative-muscle right up until the full moon and only goddess knows what I'll have done by then! 
There's colouring, a new decorative candle jar made with sky blue cotton, a plant cozy. There's an uplifting book being read, macrame crystal dangly things being created, and some deliciously bright mandalas fresh off the hook. For the rest of today I plan to do some work on my metaphysical practitioner course (I have a crystal grid to make, woohoo!), painting something, publishing this post of course, moon journalling and steering well clear of social media. There's a storm a-rumbling outside...I am watching it build out my craft room window and hoping it comes our way, we've already been to the park this morning and I've just finished coffee number 2. 

Today is a good day! 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

My Restorer Stones

 I took a guided meditation this morning to find my restorer stone, the stone that will bring life back to me when I'm feeling flat, the stone that will energise me and restore my usual equilibrium when I need to reset. I was surprised to find I actually have three! Rose quartz, clear quartz, and orange calcite. Rose quartz felt warm in my hands when I picked them out of the freezing clear azure stream in the woods; the clear quartz appeared like a perfect shard of ice that glittered and shone like moonlight over the ocean at night, and the orange calcite glowed like the sun casting shimmering little rainbows around me. I held all three in my hands and knew I would have three restorers. Feeling a special connection to these crystals led me to get out my paper and pencils and sketch them out. I haven't included a photo of the finished drawing because it still needs a little work but I hope you'll enjoy some of my progress photos. No that's not a shot of vodka, it's just my watercolour paint water.

Or is it?


Monday, 7 March 2016

Coiled Rope Crochet Bowl

You know that I'm always keen to try something new, so when I was decluttering my craft room over the weekend and found a coil of nylon rope I knew exactly what to use it for! The actual pattern is for a basket but I found that since I was using a smaller hooker than recommended the base starting to curve upward into a bowl rather than a flat base. I thought 'hey, fantastic!' because my crystal collection had outgrown its previous bowl so this would be the perfect replacement. The pattern for the basket can be found at Craft Passion 

Isn't it great?? I'm seeing a fruit bowl made with hemp cord and white cotton in my future. 

Friday, 4 March 2016

February's Made in Byabarra Watermelon Blanket

I still have the ends to sew in, but this is actually my first ever finished granny square blanket! 
Pom pom edging for a funky finish

Despite life throwing a spanner in the works, I still met my goal of one colouring page per week for February! 

How I got back in control of my anxiety

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