Sunday, 13 March 2016

Creative Vibes of Goodness

With the waxing moon being in Aries for two days this week I have just been in my element! My creativity bone has been getting the workout of its life and the more I do, the more I want to do! The releasing ceremony I performed on the new moon recently helped me to let go of some of the things I'd been holding on to, some of those things had been holding me back, and now that I've forgiven myself and reminded myself that I am worthy of joy I feel more capable to take on the world. I have a lot of acknowledging and releasing work to do but I know with the help of my crystal buddies, having Lady Luna on my side, and my spirit guides who reassure and guide me through use of the Tarot I'm going to be ok. I read in Get Rich, Lucky Bitch (if you haven't read it you really need to get your sweet ass onto ordering a copy pronto) that happiness affects us at a deeply cellular level and that the thoughts we have and the things we tell ourselves can alter our physical beings as well as our mental for better or for worse. You will find your vibrational match in the Universe whether that be a high vibe or a low one and it all depends on you. I know that habits are hard to break, believe me, I have YEARS worth of self-sabotaging thought processes to challenge and work through, but little by little you start to make changes and consequently little by little your world will change with you. It's like the plant theory... if you play a plant gentle soothing music it will grow at a faster rate than one you yell at and abuse. I'm sure you've heard of that one, right? 

So here I am! Committed to changing my world. It's already looking brighter and more beautiful, and in turn I am feeling brighter and more beautiful on the inside. 

I intend to keep on flexing my creative-muscle right up until the full moon and only goddess knows what I'll have done by then! 
There's colouring, a new decorative candle jar made with sky blue cotton, a plant cozy. There's an uplifting book being read, macrame crystal dangly things being created, and some deliciously bright mandalas fresh off the hook. For the rest of today I plan to do some work on my metaphysical practitioner course (I have a crystal grid to make, woohoo!), painting something, publishing this post of course, moon journalling and steering well clear of social media. There's a storm a-rumbling outside...I am watching it build out my craft room window and hoping it comes our way, we've already been to the park this morning and I've just finished coffee number 2. 

Today is a good day! 

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