Friday, 25 March 2016

Crystal Mandala Medicine Bag

Crystal Mandala Medicine Bag
 Crochet Pattern 
Another 'Of Crochet and Life' creation! 

You'll be needing:
3.5mm hook
worsted weight cotton (4ply, if using 8ply you may want to use a larger hook) 
a button or bead 
mad crochet skillz 

Make two identical circles following this pattern, you will be working in rounds ending each round with a slip stitch. 

Round 1: ch 2, sc 7 into first chain. 
Round 2: Join new colour, ch 1, sc 2 into same sp. 2 sc in each st around (14)

Round 3: Join new colour, ch 1, sc 1 into same sp *2 sc in next st, 1 in next* around (21)
Round 4: Join new colour, ch 1, sc 1 into same sp, 1 sc in next *2 in next st, 1 sc in next 2 sts* (28)
Round 5: Join new colour, ch 1, sc 1 into same sp 1 sc in next 2 sts *2 in next, 1 sc in next 3 sts* (35)
Couldn't be fucked sewing in the ends, it'll be on the inside anyway *wink*
You'll notice they're getting a little hexagonal-shaped, so match the two pieces up right sides on the outside and clip them together (optional, live dangerously and don't clip if you like). Just easier to hold those two suckers together while marking stitches and what not. Decide which 'side' of the circle you want at the top and find the middle most stitch. Count 5 stitches either side of it and place stitch markers through both sides. 

Round 6: Join new colour in left stitch marker in the back loops of BOTH sides, ch 1, sc 1 same space, ch 1. *sc, ch 1*  in each st around to the other marker. 

Right... still with me? Does yours look like the picture? Great! Moving on...

Making the flap 
Now take your next colour and turning your little mandala pouch around, join your yarn to the right side of the opening (just along the back half though, you wanna keep the opening open).
Row 1: Sc across, fasten off (10 sts)
Row 2: Join new colour where you finished off the last round, ch 1. sc2tog over same st as joining and next st, sc across remaining 8 sts. 
Row 3: Join new colour where you left off, ch 1, sc2tog across first sts, sc in remaining 7 sts. 
Row 4: Join new colour again where you left off, ch 1, sc2tog across first 2 sts, sc in remaining 6 sts.
Row 5: Join new colour, ch 1, sc2tog, sc across 5.
Row 6: Join new colour, ch 1, sc across 5 sts, fasten off. You've got this (see below!) so far, yeah? 

You now have a bazillion ends to sew in; ends that you can't just tie knots in and tie off because those suckers are on the outside MUWAHAHAHA 

Righto, rejoin your outer colour to the right side of the joining round (see giant arrow)
We're going to sc, ch 1 around our flap. You'll *sc, ch 1* in every stitch up the side for a total of 7 sts  (1 sc in each colour row up the side to the corner)

When you reach the corner, make 1 more sc in the same space. Sc 1 in next st and make a chain to go around your button. Have a fiddle with the length to get it right before closing the loop with a sl st in the first chain made. I've made a chain of 8 for my little wooden button.

Sc in next 2 sts, ch 1, then in corner sc, ch 1, sc, then work your way back down the other side finishing with a sl st in the same outer colour. How's it looking? Yeah I know, ends everywhere. I'm a sew 'em all in at the end kind of gal. 

Fabuloso! Now sew in all those little ends, stitch on your button and we'll do the last step.

Cut 12 strands of the same colours you used for the pouch, about a metre long. Holding the bunch of threads together pull between two stitches at the top of the pouch and even them up, then tie a knot close to the base. 

Divide your strands into two halves. Divide one half into three sections and make a tight plait until you are about 1-2 inches from the end then tie it off. Repeat on the other side. 

Now you you add any extra embellishments you'd like and can either tie it on as a necklace, hang it up somewhere, tie it inside your handbag to keep your crystal buddy safely in wherever you go. I hope you enjoyed my pattern, leave me a comment if you did! Have a play around with colour combos, I think it'd be beautiful in lovely earthy tones or in black and white! I'm using up my jewel coloured Schjeepes catona colour pack and the quality is just so lovely to work with so I'm sticking with my brights for the time being.

Enjoy, my dears!

*please do not copy any or all of this pattern and use it elsewhere, or sell this pattern in any way* If you'd like to put it on your own site, please either ask first or use a link rather than copying the pattern. I can't keep making these for free if you hoo-man beans aren't going to play fair :) 

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